SHARE YOUR STORIES: Business owners who won’t provide good cell service

The last time I checked, it was still 2019. That means we’re almost a fifth of the way through the 21st century and about 25 years into the cell phone revolution. We don’t even say “cell phones” anymore. We just say “phones.” Of course that’s all we say, since land lines are just so … yesterday. New homes don’t even come with land line wiring anymore.

This is what life is like today

Today, people refuse to be out of contact. They just won’t have it. I’ve heard too many stories about how people just don’t go back to stores where there’s no cell service. And yet some business owners simply don’t get the message. So, here’s my effort to stop that. I’m asking you, my faithful Solid Signal Blog readers, to chime in with stories of how you stopped going to a store or restaurant when you realized how bad the cell signal was. I did some polling among my friends and here are the stories I have to share:

I’m a good boy. I silence my cell phone when I’m at the movies. But I won’t turn it off. When I do get a text I answer it but I have a dark mode set on my phone so I don’t bother people. There are 2 local movie theaters and I told the manager of one that his cell phone service sucked. He told me to turn off my phone and watch the movie. RUDE!

Howie J


Can you believe it? I told a store clerk that they were out of stock on the thing I wanted and they told me to order it at their online site. But I only had one bar in the store. So I left and when I went across the street to Starbucks I saw a sale flyer for what I wanted… somewhere else. I guess they lost that sale.


Here’s one from me, which you can hear more about on an older podcast if you want:

I was in a very expensive jewelry store. No cell service. ZERO. Not even a paltry bar. I asked and they told me that they had steel plates in the walls to keep things safer. OK, I get that. But here’s what I didn’t get. This was a place that was dedicated to making you feel comfortable so you would spend a lot of money. They had fancy pastries and expensive coffee and everything. I had to walk outside every 10 minutes or so because I was afraid of missing out on a call.

I spoke to the owner about a cell booster. He didn’t know they existed. I showed him the right one to order but he wouldn’t finish the sale while I was there. Hopefully he does!

-Stuart S.

There’s a simple solution

Folks, you know this: Cell boosters are real and they work. They’re a one-time purchase that makes it easy for businesses to provide great cell service inside. Unlike free Wi-Fi, you don’t have to give people a network name and password. They just get more bars on their phones. If you’re looking for a solution, whether it’s for you or a business you want to visit, check out Solid Signal. In the meantime, leave your business “horror stories” in the comments!

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