Still rockin’ that Spaun multiswitch? Time for an upgrade

I write an article like this every so often, and I have to admit it’s not reaching the right people. But I do have to try.

Do you have a multiswitch like the one you see in the picture above? Chances are it was installed ten years ago or longer, as part of an installation in your boat or RV. A lot of people had disposable income in the mid-2000s, and a lot of them put that money into satellite systems that could travel with them. It was a pretty new concept at the time and people who loved to trick out their toys jumped on it.

It’s almost 2020 (I know, right?) and it’s time to look at what’s in your boat or RV and decide if it’s time to upgrade. It’s a testament to those old KVH, Intellian and Seatel dishes that they’ve lasted so long, and certainly congratulations to the people who got 10 years’ use out of this multiswitch.

But friends, everything has to end sometime. This is that time.

It’s become almost impossible to find new Spaun products in the US. They’ve pretty much left the market, mostly due to low demand. Neither DIRECTV nor DISH officially support Spaun any longer, and new technologies like DIRECTV SWM and DISH Hybrid aren’t compatible with older multiswitches of any type. Spaun’s market was reduced to those few people who still had a multiswitch, found out it had broken, and for some reason didn’t want to upgrade.

If you’re reading this article, maybe this means you. Hey, no value judgement from me, I know that was a costly system back in the day. But the sad thing is that in today’s world all technology has an expiration date and I hate to tell you, the date for the Spaun multiswitch has passed.

Luckily, you have options.

If you still want to try to get a few more years out of that old dish, we have a selection of Televes Nevoswitches that should suit you just fine. These are almost the exact same size as the old Spaun switches and are a pretty good 1-to-1 replacement if you choose to go that way. Televes is a world leader in broadcast technologies and these switches are just as reliable — if not more so — than the old Spaun switches. We’ve priced them similar to the way the Spaun switches were priced ten years ago, so they’re an exceptional value.

Or, you could upgrade.

DIRECTV has already announced that most, if not all, of their standard definition service will end in 2019, and this means that if you have standard-definition equipment you won’t get reception. This is only 12 months away, people, it’s time to make a change. DISH’s news isn’t quite as dire for fans of antique hardware, but changes to their Eastern Arc signals have meant that many old receivers are already obsolete. While they continue to support the 211 and 622 receivers, which are compatible with the new Eastern Arc signals, it’s pretty clear that the future belongs to Hopper and their hybrid dish technology. Over time, it’s going to be harder and harder to find hardware that works with non-hybrid receivers. One way or the other, this is the time.

What you want to do is call us at Solid Signal, at 888-233-7563. We activate more marine and RV receivers than nearly anyone else and we can give you the personalized service you need. We can help you figure out what you need to upgrade and what you can keep, so you can make the most of the investment you already have.

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