Traditional pay-TV is “having a moment”

No, it's not a Zoom meeting. It's something better.

First of all, there are some terms from the last few years that really grate on me. “trending,” “clapping back,” and “having a moment” are some of them. Even though I love how English is always evolving to encompass new ideas, most of the terms coming from social media interactions just remind me how dumb those interactions are.

But in this case I can’t avoid it.

Why? Because there’s no better way to explain the renaissance that’s happening to traditional live TV right now. It’s hard to know if we’ll see new customers come to pay-TV in droves, but at least right now they’ve stopped leaving at such an accelerated rate. Why? Because pay-TV is just what we need right now.

Depending where you are, you’ve been enduring close to three months spent at home. Chances are you haven’t been indoors this much since the rainy springs and summers of your youth. And between boredom and feelings of fear, uncertainty, and doubt, you need an old friend to help you take your mind off things.

That friend is pay television.

Remember the days you’d come home and turn on the TV? Depending on your age, you might have watched Hopalong Cassidy, The Brady Bunch, The Real World, Total Request Live, or even just soap operas. TV was there for you. Sure, mom encouraged you to spend more time outside but sometimes that just wasn’t an option. TV was always an option.

Depending on your age when you got cable, you might have realized firsthand the enjoyment of all those channels on a rainy Wednesday. You might have learned a lot from daytime TV, whether you care to admit it or not.

Because life can feel like one big sick day right now.

Do you remember sick days? How about snow days? Days spent off school when you couldn’t do much of anything except sit in front of that box. Personally, it gave me a lifelong love of game shows. There was something insidious about watching adults compete in silly situations. It was a treat. And let’s be honest, you might need a treat at the moment.

For the last several years, we’ve been taught that “mindfulness” is the way to achieve peace and happiness. I agree with this essay at Eater which says the exact opposite. Mindfulness, staying in the moment, living the live that’s around you to the fullest… I hate to be crass but at the moment that’s total crap.

Right now you need the opposite. You need escapism. There’s not much more you can do right now than wait. And when you wait, you need to pass the time in a pleasant way. You don’t need to be reminded of the things in the house that need fixing, that can’t be fixed. It’s considerably better to imagine yourself as a traveler on the Pacific Princess in the 1980s, getting a drink and double-point from Isaac the bartender.

Pay TV is here for you, and the numbers show it

Early numbers suggest that people aren’t dropping pay-TV during quarantine. Even when money’s tight, they realize that 24/7 live TV with hundreds of channels is a great value. There’s a never-ending stream of new content and all you have to do is sit back and watch it. That sounds like a pretty good plan right now, doesn’t it?

If you haven’t jumped back on the pay-TV bandwagon, there’s no better time. Both DIRECTV and DISH techs are ready to come to your home, and they’re trained to be responsible, keep a good social distance, and keep clean and sanitary.

Of course for a truly contactless experience, you could try AT&T TV, which is the best of pay-TV in a form you install completely yourself.

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