Emergency Products for Homes and Vehicles

We’ve all been in emergency situations. some more harrowing than others. These events usually have one aspect in common: the feeling that we weren’t prepared for them. That’s because these things are usually the last thing anyone ever thinks about. When it happens, most people scramble to do they best they can and hope they safely make it through. You’ll become hypervigilant after the fact, but it’s better to be prepared ahead of time. This lets you get out in front of emergencies rather than being forced to just react to them.

Solid Signal wants to help prepare you for those emergencies that you can’t predict. We do this by stocking our shelves with the best emergency products for a variety of situations. When you get one or more of these safety products, they are there for you when you need them the most. This blog series explores and explains some of our most sought-after emergency tools. This week, we feature some items that can help keep you safe at home and on the road:

1. Emergency AM/FM/Weather Radio

We know what you might be thinking. “A radio? That’s so 20th century.” Maybe, but this Midland emergency radio can be one of the best things you have when a weather emergency cuts power to your area. Most or all of your fancy technology will be out of commission if this happens. In these situations, this red emergency radio can be your best friend. Here’s why:

  • It operates with solar power, hand crank, and rechargeable batteries
  • Features a built-in, high-intensity flashlight and SOS beacon
  • It’s an AM/FM radio
  • The radio receives NOAA weather radio with alerts
  • It also has a built-in USB port for cellphone charging

While radio might not be your first entertainment choice on a good day, it’s invaluable in cases of emergencies. That’s especially true of this radio, which offers connection to the outside world and so much more. If you’re starting an emergency kit – and you should because every household needs one – this radio is a great addition.

2. Bluetooth Diagnostic Tool for Vehicles

There are few things more nerve wracking than for the engine light to come on when you’re driving far from home. When this happens, you know something’s wrong with your car but you’re not sure exactly what. Can you make it back to the service station you normally use? Or should you pull over and call a two truck right away? That’s the thing about a check engine light. You never really know.

If you’re concerned about your car, you might need this Tech Choice OBD2 Bluetooth diagnostic tool. It reads generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes for most vehicles. (Its database includes more than 3,000 code definitions.) This device is compatible with most or all vehicles dated 1996 and later, and works with Android and Windows. It’s very easy to use when you follow these seven steps:

  1. Plug it into your car’s OBD2 port
  2. Turn your vehicle on
  3. Enable Bluetooth on your Android phone or tablet
  4. Search for “OBDII” and pair with it (pin 1234)
  5. Run the downloaded App
  6. Wait until it connects your car’s ECU
  7. It will display diagnostic trouble codes

This device might give you a better idea of what’s causing your check engine or other warning lights to come on. It could be something as simple as a loose gas cap. In that case, you can tighten it up then get back in your car and be on your way. (This device also lets you clear trouble codes including that pesky check engine light.) If it’s something much worse, you can call a wrecker and have your vehicle towed to the nearest repair station.

3. Stanley Jump Starters for Vehicles

Jump starters are a great emergency tool to have in any vehicle. This is especially true if you live in regions that experience extreme cold. Think about it, if a polar vortex hits your town, it’s all too tempting to spend the weekend indoors. Come Monday morning, you might find it difficult to start your vehicle because it sat for days in the cold. In most cases, all it needs is a jump and a jump starter can help you do that all by yourself.

Solid Signal believes in the important of jump starters so much that we stock two. There’s the 350 amp jump starter and a 500 amp jump starter, depending upon the size of your battery. Most people use these Stanley jump starters for the vehicles, but you also can use them to jump start your motorcycle, boat, or tractor. Each unit also includes a built-in air compressor to inflate low tires. Note: make sure to keep your Stanley jump starter fully charged so it has the power it needs when you need it!

Preparation Might Prevent Murphy’s Law

Have you ever heard of Murphy’s Law? It’s the belief that “anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” There are many people who believe this is a real thing, and “Mr. Murphy,” as they call him, can strike at any time. Proponents of this phenomenon say that it always happens at the worst possible moment. One example might be your vehicle breaking down at midnight on Sunday morning when no repair shops will be open.

Having emergency products can be a possible defense against ol’ Mr. Murphy. It works rather simply: if you have a fully charged jump starter in your vehicle’s trunk, you probably won’t ever need to use it. Your car won’t start the one time you leave that jump starter at home. That’s Mr. Murphy tapping you on the shoulder to let you know he’s there. We run this series as a way to showcase the safety products you need to hopefully keep him and his “law” out of your life.

Get the Emergency Products You Need

Solid Signal is an online electronics retailer known for its expertise in all things cord-cutting. So why do we carry a variety of emergency products? Because we want to help you keep yourself and your family safe. You can be prepared for many emergency situations with the safety products available from Solid Signal. If you have any questions, give us a call at 888-233-7563. In the meantime, look for more posts that feature the emergency products carried by our company.

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