FINALLY: DIRECTV releases Android Tablet App

It must seem like an eternity if you’re a Galaxy Tab or other Android Tablet user. How long have you been sitting there watching DIRECTV release update after update for its awesome iPad app while you waited.

Wait no more… it’s finally here! DIRECTV has released a tablet app that has all the same functionality as its iPad counterpart. Control your TV with the built-in remote, view the playlist, and of course watch both live TV and on demand programming right on the tablet.

That’s right, it’s all here. You can check sports scores, view a customized guide, even delete programs right from the playlist. Best of all, it’s free and it works with Android tablets running version 3.1 or higher, as long as they can shop through Google Play. Check your device’s compatibility by visiting Google Play.

Over the years, there have been plenty of folks who questioned DIRECTV’s commitment to Android, and with good reason. The platform is almost always second in line after Apple’s products. That’s changing though, and now both the smartphone and tablet apps on both platforms are equally powerful.

Congrats to DIRECTV’s developers on an excellent app. Don’t take my word for it: Download it now at Google Play. If that link doesn’t work for you, a search at Google Play for “DIRECTV for Tablets” should also get you there.

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Stuart Sweet
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