Free Preview of DOGTV, no I am not kidding

No I’m not kidding. DOGTV is the first TV network designed for dogs. It’s in standard definition because apparently dogs aren’t that picky. More importantly it’s on DIRECTV channel 354 and you (and your dog) can watch it for free this week.

From today (March 21) all the way until March 27, you can enjoy the dog-focused programming on DOGTV for free. Let me make this clear. This isn’t TV for people who love dogs, this is programming for the actual dog. This is stuff that some human thinks dogs want to see.

Yeah, well it’s not the most insane thing I’ve heard recently so what can I say.

Look, if you’re interested, try it for yourself and if your dog likes it, it’s available for a small extra fee from DIRECTV after the free trial.

Folks, I got nothin’. It’s TV for your dog.

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