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I’m not going to tell you to drop Amazon Prime. You wouldn’t if I asked anyway. It’s arguably the best marketing move in the last 50 years, giving you free shipping and a host of other extras if you stay in the Amazon ecosystem. I use it myself. Prime means never having to worry if you have “enough in your cart to make the shipping worth it. And you know what, Prime works.

It works so well…

Prime has changed the entire world of online shopping. There was a time you really wanted to shop around. You’d look at the shipping cost and try to decide if it was worth getting in the car to avoid it. Now, free shipping is so common we often complain when we don’t get it.

Of course that’s a little biased against smaller sites like Solid Signal. With “only” 50,000 products in our online store, we’re not big enough to have our own air force or truck fleet like Amazon. We’re also not big enough to hide shipping costs like Amazon does. Shipping costs money and we pass along our cost dollar-for-dollar in most cases. We don’t try to make money on shipping, we just try to cover our costs.

But we get it, people love free shipping.

That’s why we have over 1,000 items with completely free shipping at Solid Signal. It includes many of our “deal” items and the things people love to buy like remotes. It’s our way of making sure you get the parts you need at a fair price.

Honestly, at Solid Signal we would love to put free shipping on everything and just give you one fair price. We can’t, because shipping costs on some things really vary. The items we’ve marked for free shipping have one thing in common: we’ve found ways to ship them just as well for a price we can absorb.

We don’t just tack free shipping on and raise the overall price. Honestly that’s a bad deal for everyone. When a retailer does that they are usually adding on the highest possible shipping charges. When we keep shipping separate, it often means that shipping costs vary. If you’re close to one of our nationwide distribution centers, your cost could be lower than if you’re not. Why not enjoy the savings?

How can you find free shipping items at Solid Signal?

When you’re searching, there’s often a checkbox at the left that lets you filter items with free shipping. It might be one screen down if there are a lot of other choices there. It’s worth looking for, and it looks like this:

You’ll find that our free shipping is a great deal, and our items without free shipping are also a great deal. Rather than just put free shipping on everything, we try to make it fair for everyone. That’s just the kind of company that we are.

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