Does your XBOX still overheat?

Sounds like a personal problem.

Back in 2009, Solid Signal was still looking for its defining character. We started out with satellite television parts way back in 2002. Our web site from back then is still saved over at Yeah, it looks a little silly but hey we all grow and change.

In the mid-2000s we flourished thanks to the government’s converter box program. Most households got coupons from the government so they could buy a box that would let their TV keep working after 2009. However, obviously that market dried up somewhat. Our web site was still going strong (thank you again, but it was time to branch out. One of the things we thought we’d try was gaming systems and accessories.

Those were the early days of The Solid Signal Blog, back when four articles a month seemed like a lot to write. Our little blog did its part to support the main web site with an article entitled, “Overheating Xbox 360: The Solution.” It seems back then Microsoft created a product that could not stop from overheating. You can’t blame them, Apple had done the same thing a few years earlier. Their G4 Cube was adorable but had incredibly bad thermal management. I guess the ’00s were a good decade for overheating electronics and a bad decade for many of us.

I doubt that anyone reading today has a working XBOX 360 anymore, but if you ever had one, you might remember fanning it with a magazine to cool it, or keeping it far away from other heat-generating devices while you were playing. These behaviors take their place alongside wiping the contacts of your Nintendo carts with a pencil or building little tinfoil tents around your satellite boxes to improve remote performance.

Take a trip down memory lane

That article’s still around. It’s up to you if you want to read it in its modern blog form, or if you want to see it in all its 2009 glory. A lot of things have changed in the last nine years, and thankfully the look of this blog is but one of them.

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