FUN FRIDAY: Boston Layer Lapse

Old-schoolers call Boston “the hub of the universe” and while that may be a bit over the top, I think it’s a very pretty urban area. It’s small enough to walk in, dense enough to have large buildings that look good from a distance, and it’s a weird place where a 450-year-old cemetery can be in sight of a brand-new subway station. It’s ringed by gardens and parks, yet is home to one of the world’s most advanced scientific universities. It’s a city of contrasts, and thanks to one person, it’s gotten a weird temporal facelift.

By combining what I must imagine are hundreds of time-lapse videos and untold hours of masking and editing, Julian Tryba has created a “layer lapse,” where different parts of a video exist in different times. Day and night intermingle to the beat of a catchy tune, and while I’m not sure the end result is worth the massive amount of time, it sure is a catchy way to spend a few minutes on a Friday. If you’d rather see this same treatment applied to New York City, by the way, he has you covered there too.

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Stuart Sweet
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