FUN FRIDAY: I’m Batman

There are two words that are probably more fun to say than 99.9% of other words in the English language. What are they?

I’m Batman.

There is hardly any time when it is inappropriate to say those two words. I’m thinking they would be out of place at funerals and other times of severe sorrow, but otherwise, game on.

Someone with too much time on his hands assembles what claims to be the ultimate “I’m Batman” compilation. Personally I have my doubts, and to fill four minutes the author strayed a little bit from people saying “I’m Batman,” which diminishes it a bit in my opinion.

But none of that matters. I can guarantee with almost metaphysical certitude that at some point in the next 12 hours, even if you don’t watch the video above, and even if it’s only in a room all by yourself, you will say in a rough and gravelly voice, “I’m Batman.” Such is the power of those two words.


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Stuart Sweet
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