FUN FRIDAY: Life in 2017 (as seen from 2007)

This recently unearthed video shows us what people thought things would be like in 2017. It was made back in 2007 and I’m not saying it’s wrong, just not quite right.

Facial recognition? check. Biometric payments? check. But where are the smartphones? There’s no question in my mind that the biggest difference between 2007 and today is the ubiquitous smartphone with its always-on internet connection. In 2007 you could leave the house and maybe someone would text you, maybe they wouldn’t. Sure, you might have a GPS unit with you, or you might just have to know where you’re going. You could call someone from the car, and you might have even have a Bluetooth headset (I did, and it was really heavy) but more likely you opened up your flip phone and talked into it.

Even Brian Williams didn’t have a tablet in 2007… he made do with a sort of clunky looking laptop and let’s be honest, that was probably there as a prop.

See, you can’t really predict the future, that’s the one thing that’s certain. For every prediction that comes eerily true, there are a dozen that are totally off base. Take a look at what people in 1900 thought that our lives would be like. The predictions they got right were all just extensions of what was going on then, like electricity and airplanes (being researched, not quite there in 1900) but as they go further… weather machines?

I know that since the internet remembers everything, it will remember my predictions for 2017 and beyond, and I’ll tell you know history won’t be kind.

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Stuart Sweet
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