Weirdest of the Wiki

This week for FUN FRIDAY, I give you a simple link. Wikipedia has a shortcut which takes you to a list of weird and unusual pages. I will warn you now that some of the content is slightly “not safe for work.”

Of course, my favorite leads you to a story about M-185, the only state highway in the country that cars can’t drive on. It’s on an island that does not allow motor traffic at all. It’s up in the north of Michigan, and as everyone knows, Solid Signal’s HQ is in Michigan just outside Detroit.

While we’re musing and having fun, I sometimes think about the interstate highway system. It’s a really amazing feat, and it’s not even 100 years old. But when I think about it, I think about Hawaii. There are interstate highways in Hawaii of course, but unlike any other state the interstates aren’t really… interstate. I mean Hawaii is the only state you can’t drive to, so how can they call them “interstates?” Yeah I get it, it’s just a name. Still…

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