FUN FRIDAY: All your space stations are belong to us

Most of us will never live in space.Personally, I know that I won’t. But there are very few people who don’t dream of it, because they don’t really think about the difficulty of being up there. I mean, if you need something you can’t just drive over to the space Wal-Mart and you can’t even order stuff over the internet since Fedex doesn’t deliver up there.

In recorded history, there have only been a few semi-permanent living facilities outside our atmosphere, and with the exception of the most recent, each has been put up there by either the US or the Soviet Union (later, Russia.) The latest contains modules from many different countries, which is pretty impressive considering that down here on earth we can’t always even get the right screws for the cars we build.

If you’re interested in a visual history of all the space stations so far, you’re in luck on this Fun Friday… here’s a little video that gives you exactly what you’re looking for.