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Are you the sort of person who doesn’t listen to “today’s music?” I am. Seems to me that today’s music is very repetitive and boomy. I like the classics.

But, it turns out that under all that nonsense there are occasionally a few good songs. And, if you’re talented, you can find something quite nice sounding under there.

They’ve got talent

If you’re looking for a way to make today’s music more palatable you should check out Postmodern Jukebox’s YouTube channel. They take popular songs and rearrange them as if they were old jazz standards. Sometimes the results are better than the original, as is the case with one of their more recent videos, “Steal My Girl.”

Now, if you don’t really listen to pop music you might not recognize this song so here it is in its original form. The actual music starts at about 1:50.

If you ask me, it’s a lot easier to listen to the first one. It goes to show that there really is good music out there if you strip away today’s overly-produced, boom-boom production values.

I got no kick against modern jazz

Listening to these songs gives you a real appreciation for music from all times. They don’t just cover the latest stuff, they cover TV show themes, 80s classics and more. While they seem to most often return to a 1930s motif, they’ve also covered current songs as if they were done in the 80s. It’s all there on that channel.

And sometimes…

If you’ve been reading other Fun Friday articles you’ve noticed that lately I’ve been obsessed with the many ways people have played the Mario Bros. theme. So, of course I couldn’t end this article without sharing this one — an orchestral arrangement of the theme, played as accompaniment to a tap dancing solo. Why? I guess just because they can.

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