How to use the Multi-Room Remote Extender

The Invisible Multi-Room Remote Extender (LRRX) is a great product that works with any infrared remote control for any TV, VCR, Satellite Receiver, or other infrared remote controlled device. This device allows you to control any IR device through walls, ceilings, and floors using RF what you would normally not be able to control. It is very easy to setup and use. Below is a list of items included with the product:

Item Qty
Rechargeable 2/3 AAA Batteries 2
RF Transmitter (LRRX-2) 1
AAA to AA Battery Size Converter Sleeve 1
RF Receiver / Battery Charger 1
Power Supply for RF Receiver 1
IR Repeater / Transmitter for RF Receiver 1

Installation Instructions

First, plug in the RF receiver (space ship looking object with antenna) into a 110V outlet near the device you would like to control using the Power Supply for the RF receiver (supplied). Next, insert one of the rechargeable 2/3 batteries into the under compartment of the RF-receiver. This will begin charging the spare rechargeable battery for later use. Finally, plug in the RF repeater into the RF receiver and position the IR Repeater in from of the IR receiver on the device to be controlled. See figure A below.

Figure A

Secondly, take a fully charged 2/3 AAA rechargeable battery and insert into the RF Transmitter piece. The RF transmitter will be used by the remote control to send the converted IR -> RF signals to the RF receiver on top of the device to be controlled. See figure B below.

Figure B

If your remote control uses AA size batteries, you must use the AAA to AA Battery Size Converter Sleeve to change the size of the combination RF transmitter/battery you assembled in figure B. See figure C below. If your remote uses AAA size batteries, you do not need to use the sleeve and you may continue to the next step.

Figure C

Once you have completed the RF Transmitter/battery assembly, place the entire assembly into the battery compartment of the remote control where a regular battery would normally reside. See figure D below. Replace the cover for the battery compartment on the remote control. Your remote is now ready to transmit the converted IR -> RF signals to the RF receiver near the device.

Figure D

Use your remote control as you normally would. The remote and battery transmitter send the converted IR -> FR signals to the RF receiver. The RF receiver receives the RF signals and converts them back into IR. It then sends the IR signals through the IR repeater which transmits the IR commands to the controlled device. You can now use your remote control from any room in your home. The RF signals will pass through walls, ceilings, floors from up to 100 ft away effectively extending the usability of your remote control. See below for frequently asked questions (FAQs). Get your Invisible Multi-Room Remote Extender today!

Figure E

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: The system says that you can convert more than one remote. Do you sell the transmitter/battery separately?

A: Yes – separate battery transmitters are available, see link to extra RF transmitter/battery.

Q: If I want to buy two of these systems to control two different cable boxes, it seems to me that every time I use a remote it would affect both boxes unless the transmitter/receiver can be setup to work off different channels (via DIP switch). Is this a possibility?

A: All this device does is convert IR signal to RF and then back again to IR. The differences in controllers would have to be set up with the units being controlled. Similar to changing the remote codes for satellite rec as well as wireless phone jacks.

Q: Would use of this system cause interference with another remote extender system that I am using?

A: As long as the remote using the LRRX doesn’t interfere with operation of other remote extenders during normal operation of the remote. Check prior to purchasing the LRRX. In most case, the LRRX does not interfere with other remote extenders.