SOUND OFF: How fast is your cell internet speed?

The numbers you see above you used to be pretty impressive. Now, there are parts of town where I can get 95 down, 95 up using AT&T’s 5G Evolution system.

What is 5G Evolution?

Yeah, I know, the name. The name. When 5G Evolution was first announced people complained because it’s not true 5G. Real 5G will give you ridicuously fast internet, in the hundreds of megabits per second. But that’s all about futureproofing.

5G Evolution uses the technologies your existing (recent, high-end) phone already has to increase internet speeds. If your phone has MIMO antennas, this new technology will use them. It will also use frequency aggregation when possible. In other words if there’s open bandwidth on more than one frequency range, your phone will use two different ranges.

In my opinion the name is a distraction. They could have called it anything they wanted and it would still probably be the fastest mobile internet you’ve ever seen. I personally would have called it “SuperWooperDooper LTE” although that might have been harder to fit in that little space on your phone.

Whatever it’s called…

how’s it working for you? Are you getting speeds over 95 megabits per second? What about you Verizon or Sprint or T-Mobile users? What speeds are you getting? No need to post a screen shot, I’ll believe you.

My point here is that cell service has never been better. AT&T has especially been working on improving coverage and speed throughout the country. Honestly it’s not like they were terribly bad before but this latest push really has caught people’s attention.

It’s hard to remember but it was just a few years ago when getting mobile internet at all was impressive, and even just five years ago if you were getting 10Mbps down you were really rocking and rolling.

Post your mobile internet speed, up and down, in the comments section below. This one’s just for bragging rights… who has the fastest? No fair using Wi-Fi!

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