THROWBACK THURSDAY: Smart Watch Failures (again)

Apple’s generation 2 watch has turned out to be pretty much nothing but an expensive fitness tracker. Even the great Tim Cook couldn’t convince people that they needed yet another device that would be obsolete every year and require charging every night. And honestly, I’m not surprised. Smart watches are a bust, and if that’s not obvious by now, it should be.

About three years ago, I was under some pressure from other members of the blog staff to talk about smart watches. I considered it a waste of time, but somehow I managed to emerge from my curmudgeonly haze long enough to pen this article which talks about the history and eventual failure of smart watches.

And fail they did — none of the watches shown in that article is still in production except the inexplicable Casio calculator watch. In the meantime we’ve seen Fitbit plunge, Garmin gag, and Apple pretty much give up. Oh, they’ll still tell you how great their watch is, but really the most interesting version is the Nike one, which tells you even Apple doesn’t know what you’ll do with the thing when you’re not exercising.

What’s going to be the next “great white hope” to fail? Hard to know. I have to say I have a pretty dim view of Apple’s latest wireless AirPods, but then again some folks will have no choice but to try them. What about you? What failing technology are you tired of hearing about?

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Stuart Sweet
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