Attention Broadcast Companies and First Responder Organizations

The safety equipment and grounding equipment you need is here at Solid Signal.

Do you make the decisions for a first responder organization or broadcast facility? If so, you’re going to need certain types of electronics equipment. Every organization has its unique needs. For example, you use a variety of antennas as well as antenna towers, mounts, and devices that work with them. Here are some of the consumer electronics products that others have found at You won’t find them anywhere else.

PolyPhaser Bulkhead Arrestor

Lightning strikes can do a lot of damage to antennas at first-responder stations and broadcast facilities. This does direct damage to your antenna. It also creates a power surge that fries out your expensive communications equipment and starts fires. This can’t happen because your community depends on you! Fortunately, we carry commercial-grade products that protect your broadcast installation. This PolyPhaser bulkhead arrestor is one of them.

This unit is called a surge protection device, aka a lightning protector. You install it in a key place along the line of your antenna installation. If lightning hits your antenna, the electric current shoots through the line. When that power surge reaches this bulkhead arrestor, it shatters a glass component inside the device. This stops the current from traveling any further.

CommScope Remote-Control Actuator

Your broadcast company needs to communicate with vans and trucks out in the field. This remote-control actuator from CommScope helps you do that. It features a variable down-tilt that lets you aim your antenna in the direction it needs to be. In other words, this piece of equipment is vital to your operation. It’s also something you use every day. If you need to replace this or other products in your installation, Solid Signal has your replacements.

406-470 MHz Omnidirectional Antenna

This antenna is typically used to help stations communicate with the people in vehicles. It’s ideal for broadcast companies and first responder organizations. Truthfully, it’s one of many broadcast antennas that we carry. Feel free to search our website to see for yourself. But what do you do if you have questions or need a product recommendation?

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