When our office staff worked hard

Back in 2013, we put up a video showing our office staff in action.  At that time we were evaluating a little turntable and app designed to do time-lapse videos and this seemed like a good way to put it through its paces.

It’s fun to look at this video now. A lot of the staff are still with us but we’ve moved into a new location that’s about four times the size. You can see even in 2013 that we were busting at the seams and believe me the crowding only got worse from there.

The video is also a reminder that the internet keeps everything forever. Sure, I could delist that video. I could take it down but chances are it’s cached somewhere. So, friends, be careful what you post. We’re proud of what we looked like five years ago so the video stays. But, are you really proud of everything you post? Something to think about on this Throwback Thursday.

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Stuart Sweet
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