When weBoost became a thing

The cellular world shifted in January of 2015 when Wilson Electronics announced the rebranding of all of their consumer products to the weBoost name. We covered it live, as you can see here. The news capped a year of speculation that started a year earlier when Wilson bought its largest competitor, zBoost. At that time, Wilson boosters were thought of as being more of a commercial-grade product while zBoost was easier to install and maintain. The new weBoost line took the best of both worlds.

Why the name “weBoost?”

It started over a decade ago. A representative told the story to me several years ago. One of the first cell booster companies was called “Wireless Extenders.” That’s a good name for a company that makes boosters but it turned out to be a classic marketing mistake. Keep in mind this was in the early days of the dot-com economy, and “wirelessextenders.com” was inexplicably not doing well. Apparently the marketing folks of the day saw the problem: Content filters were pretty simple back then and the site was being blocked because it had the letters “sex” in the middle of the URL. The company changed their name quickly to Wi-Ex.

About a decade later, they changed again to zBoost, which had a sort of late-2000s flair to it. zBoost’s name catapulted it even higher and made it attractive to Wilson’s corporate parents. Wilson bought zBoost and the merger was announced at the 2014 CES.

The name “weBoost” was a natural. I’m told that a national advertising agency created it based on three simple concepts: (1) the zBoost name recognition, the letters “WE” standing for Wilson Electronics,” and the idea that the company’s mission was right in the name. We boost your cell signal, that’s what we do.

weBoost (and WilsonPRO) dominates cellular

While there are other options out there, people choose weBoost for residential and small-office boosters more than any other. For larger installations, WilsonPRO delivers solutions than no other provider can. They have cell boosters that can easily scale to handle even the largest spaces. Authorized resellers like Solid Signal can help you find the booster you’re looking for and even recommend installation help!

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