You won’t be able to look away from these slow flyers

It’s Friday. Just like you I don’t always end up being as productive as I’d like on a Friday. Today, I ended up staring at this video for 15 minutes:

Someone shot 4K video at a high frame rate of the Chicago Air Show. If you’re a fan of planes or helicopters at all it’s going to suck you in.

Because this is what we do with technology now

OK I’ll admit there’s a certain amount of guilt here. Think about it. First of all there’s easily millions of dollars of flying hardware on display. Then there’s the fuel for those bad boys, which doesn’t come cheap. YouTube user “Warped Perception” bought all the gear it took for pristine slow motion video. Folks, I’d be kinda surprised if this were shot on iPhone, I’m telling you this took pro quality gear.

Then after the editing (which took computer hardware, energy, and time) the video was posted on YouTube. A server which runs 24/7 serves it up and that takes money and energy. Your local cable company operates the infrastructure, which takes tons and tons of equipment, while your workplace IT department does their part.

And then you and I sit there on company time and watch this video when we could legitimately be doing more work. I’m telling you. There are people dying out there, there are all sorts of insurmountable obstacles. Meanwhile you the reader, and I the writer, are each spending time watching videos of planes.

Kinda makes you think, but I’ll think more about that next week. I’m going to lay back and enjoy more videos. What about you?

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