How is gotW3 different from a hotspot or tethering?

In this crazy world, we’re all trying to understand what’s coming at us moment by moment. Last week we were all at work just wondering how we were going to be affected by news from overseas. Now, a lot of us are working from home and we need solutions that will let us stay productive. I’ve been talking a lot about gotW3, the new solution that gives you more internet than your cable company can give you.

gotW3 turns cell service into internet for all your devices

The magic of the gotW3 system is in how it gives you the internet you need. Your laptop, streaming device, and even satellite TV system can connect to gotW3’s Wi-Fi connection, and you can even connect over wired Ethernet if you want. It’s like the router the cable company supplied, except it uses cell service instead of a wire coming out of the ground. I’ve told you about how you can choose an AT&T or T-Mobile version, depending on how the cell service is in your area. You can connect to the internet as quickly as your cell provider lets you. Many people have reported speeds of 75Mbps down and 50Mbps up in areas that have good cell service.

But… you’re asking….

And you’re probably asking what might be the “million dollar question.” You’re asking, how is gotW3 different than a hotspot? After all, computer users have been using hotspots and “aircards” for decades to connect to the internet. You might have used the tethering features of your phone, too. To a lot of people, this sounds like the same thing. Except, gotW3 has advantages that a hotspot or tether doesn’t.

Hotspots have limited range

Whether you’re using a separate hotspot device or a tethered cell phone, chances are you only get Wi-Fi service from about 5-8 feet away. If you go further, the connection starts to drop.

The gotW3 device should have about the same range as your home Wi-Fi router. Because it’s cellular, you can put it anywhere in the house where you have good cell service. Depending on where you’re working, you could get better home Wi-Fi than you would get from your cable company router.

Time to step up and get gotW3.

The gotW3 device is available now at Solid Signal. We have plenty of stock ready for immediate shipment. When you order yours, a Signal Connect rep will call you and get you set up and activated. When you get your device, it will come with the SIM card already inserted so all you have to do is connect the antennas and plug it into the wall. There are instructions on a sticker on the bottom that show you the Wi-Fi name and password.  I’ve made videos that show the base model and also the more full-featured “ReadyNet” model:

Finally, here’s a video that explains what gotW3 does:

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