“GigE” DECA now available at Solid Signal!

Take a look above. This is the new GigE DECA. It’s designed for commercial DIRECTV installations that need networking over coax. For example, it can be used in hotels or large bar installations. It’s a step above the regular residential DECA, in several ways.

Gigabit Ethernet

The GigE DECA uses gigabit Ethernet. Previous DECAs were limited to 100Mbps, even though information could travel down the coax line at 150-1750Mbps. While this really didn’t represent a problem for home users, commercial users need every bit of speed they can get.

The GigE DECA will work in MoCA 2.0 networks, so if you’re one of those lucky folks who is using a Genie 2 and C61 clients, it will give you even more speed: up to 500Mbps.

Industrial Design

The GigE DECA is designed to be mounted on a backboard with screw holes molded in. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but for larger commercial installs, this is really important. It just makes the difference between a nice clean install and a messy one.

Purchase options

At Solid Signal we offer the GigE DECA in two flavors. The base model includes just the DECA. This is the one to buy if you have spare EPS10 power supplies and network cables lying around. Commercial installers often do. However, for first-time users choose the entire kit which includes a short network cable and a power supply.

Using the GigE DECA on unused coax cable

If you have unused coax cable, you can use a pair of GigE DECAs to get 500MBps networking anywhere. Just connect one up to each end of the cable. The Ethernet connection on either side can go into a router or switch. This is a great way to make use of cable that wouldn’t otherwise be doing anything.

Commercial customers, we have what you need

The GigE DECA and other commercial-grade parts are available at SolidSignal.com! Check out the great selection, and find things you couldn’t find anywhere else!

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