Are your DIRECTV DVR recordings cutting off? Here’s what you can do

It’s really frustrating when you go to watch a show only to find a partial recording. This is bound to happen once in a while due to scheduling issues; even though the DVR is constantly getting new information, it’s always possible that something changes too late and your DVR doesn’t get it in time. Sporting events run long, there are emergency special reports, that sort of thing.

If it’s happening to you more than once in a while, though, something’s wrong. Here’s what you can do.

Reset your DVR twice in a row.
The first step is going to be a simple reset. Find the reset button –it may be located behind a spring-loaded door on the front– and push it. Wait 5-10 minutes, after which time you should be back on live TV. Then push it again.

If your DVR goes into some sort of hard drive test, that’s a good thing because it means errors were found and are being fixed. Even if you don’t see something like this, you could have just fixed the problem. Rebooting the DVR runs a number of routine tests and rebooting twice in 30 minutes clears out system caches that could be making things worse for you. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

Check your signal strength.
Press {MENU} and then go to Settings&Help, Settings, Satellite, and choose “View Signal Strength.” Check the signal levels for every satellite. Some of the numbers may be zeroes, that’s normal. The numbers that aren’t zeroes should all be in the 80s and 90s on a sunny day. If they’re not, then your dish might be out of alignment. If you’re missing recordings in a particular time of the day, you might run the test at the same time if you can. It could be that leaves or some other obstructions are only in the way of your dish at that time.

If you need to re-aim the dish, you can do it yourself with time and patience, or you can call and get a tech to do it for you.

If everything else looks good…
This can be a sign of a dying DVR. It might be time for a new one. Generally, it’s not hard to get a replacement at a discounted price. You might be asked to sign a new two-year commitment, but otherwise the price should be fairly reasonable. You might be eligible for an upgrade to the latest equipment, too… and the only way to know for sure is to call Solid Signal at 888-233-7563 and talk to the experts. It’s the perfect, no-obligation way to find out exactly what you’re eligible to get. Our team makes it easy and can help you get the equipment you deserve so you never miss recordings again.

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