Going to the 54th Annual Detroit RV & Camping Show?

We are. And by “we,” I mean our members of our Signal Connect division. It’s the arm of our company that’s already brought satellite TV solutions to hundreds of RV owners across the country. The Detroit RV & Camping Show is held February 5-9 at the Suburban Collection Showplace right here in Novi, Michigan. This annual show, hosted by Michigan RV and Campgrounds (MARVAC) is one of the biggest expos for all things recreational vehicles. If you’re going there, look us up because we have a lot of great things for RV owners.

RV Satellite TV: the Benefits

There are some RV owners who don’t know that satellite TV is the best entertainment option when you’re on the road. Well, not literally on the road since it’s never safe to drive and watch TV. But, after a long day’s travel, there’s nothing better than settling in at night with your favorite shows. And you’ll get them wherever you go because your satellite dish will lock on to the TV signal being beamed down from space. So, whether you’re at the RV park or a remote state campground, you don’t have to miss a thing.

Members of the Signal Connect team will discuss various satellite TV options with RV owners. You’ll find them at Booth #58. If you’re wondering if a satellite TV package is for you and your RV, these are the guys to talk to. No one knows more about satellite TV in RVs than them. They can answer any of your questions. The Signal Connect team can even recommend the best satellite provider and viewing package for you.

Cell Phone Boosters for RVs

Not everyone knows what a cell booster is, but most people know when they have a bad cell phone connection. It happens a lot in RVs because you’re traveling so much. If your ideal getaway is far from the city, you might be in areas with spotty cellular service. This leads to dropped calls, missed texts, and slow or interrupted downloads. When you have a cell phone booster installed in your recreational vehicle, it helps put an end to all that. This is especially helpful when you have to make an emergency call in the middle of nowhere.

So, that’s what a cell phone booster is and what it does. The team at Signal Connect is happy to tell you more about these devices and much more. Any question you have, they have the answer. They’ll also give you product recommendations and installation tips. (It’s fairly easy to set these boosters up in your RV.) Whether you want satellite TV or not, we believe all RV owners should have a cell phone booster inside their recreational vehicle. Stop by our booth and let our team tell you why.

Meet the Signal Connect Team

If you’ve made it this far, we’re guessing that you’ll be attending the MARVAC show in Novi. That’s great! It’s always an amazing show that loaded with things that RV owners – and future RV owners – are interested in. As we said above, Signal Connect can be found at Booth #58. To help you know who you’re looking for, here are the team members who will be at the show:

Look for any of these friendly faces at the Detroit RV & Camping Show. They’re there to answer your questions about satellite TV and cell phone boosters for RVs. If you’re a Michigan RV owner who’s not attending the MARVAC show this year, Signal Connect can still help you. If you’re consider satellite TV and/or a cell phone booster, give Signal Connect a call at 888-233-7563. You can also fill out the form below and send it to us. One of our reps will reach out to you.

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