Hard to find two-way radio batteries? We’ve got ’em!

Our product listing team is ON FIRE! We’ve added over 10,000 new products in the last six months and we’re just getting started. It’s part of Solid Signal’s mission to become your ultimate one-stop powerhouse for everything electronic. Whether you’re a home user, outdoor enthusiast, business owner or professional broadcaster, you’ll find everything you need at one place: SolidSignal.com.

Two-way radio batteries and more

A two-way radio is a big investment and the sad thing is, batteries don’t last forever. You might be very happy with your two-way radios. They just might not hold a charge. The best and easiest thing to do is replace the battery.

Only problem is, a lot of these batteries were only available from questionable overseas manufacturers on eBay. That’s no way to run a business. We know that. We’ve brought in a few hundred of the most popular batteries and accessories as well as a very good selection of chargers and adapters. In a lot of cases these are original equipment. When they aren’t, they’re from top tier manufacturers. You can trust the batteries you get from Solid Signal

Don’t take chances with your batteries

Whether you’re using two-way radios for simple communication or for a critical purpose like law enforcement, you need the best. That’s why you bought top-of-the-line radios in the first place, right? When it’s time for a replacement battery, you should definitely continue using top-of-the-line parts. The batteries you find at Solid Signal conform to original equipment specifications for the manufacturers they support. Don’t choose something that’s going to fail on you when you need it the most.

Your source for all the best

Of course, it’s not just about batteries. You’re probably reading this blog because you already know about Solid Signal. But do you know everything? You probably know us as the leader in TV antennas, cellular signal boosters and satellite TV, but did you know we now have over 40,000 products? Everything from mole-chasers to modulators. We have 29 cent parts and $29,000 ones. If it’s part of your electronic lifestyle, you’ll find it at SolidSignal.com. You’ll also be supporting a small local business that employs a 100% American staff in our Novi, Michigan facility. You’re supporting jobs here, folks.

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