HBO and Cinemax Free Preview on DIRECTV and DISH this weekend!

Who says there’s nothing on in the summer?

There’s a big free preview on, as HBO invites you to sample season two of Ballers, a vehicle for Dwayne Johnson who stars as a former footballer turned Miami money man. If that’s not your thing, try Vice Principals, starring the ever-reliable Danny McBride as a vice principal. Possibilities for comedy are endless.

You can find HBO and Cinemax on channels 501-523 on DIRECTV, and channels 300-315 on DISH. Remember, everything you record during the free preview will still be available after it’s over. If your DVR’s like mine, it has plenty of free space on it right now and so why not gorge yourself on quality entertainment!

Of course, if you like the programming you see, the fine folks at DIRECTV and DISH would love it if you would consider signing up for a subscription to the channels. Call your friends at Solid Signal at 888-233-7563 to get it all taken care of!

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