Honor a Veteran today

his has been a tough year. Our republic and our rights as citizens have been under attack as never before. It’s been tough for us all, but our country has struggled before. Whenever there’s been a threat in the past, it’s been the job of our armed forces to respond. Respond they have, and it’s been the character of our servicemembers that’s defined the best of our country.

Those men and women who were lucky enough to come home have of course been known since as veterans, and today we honor them. Veteran’s Day is November 11, honoring the cease-fire that ended World War I, and it’s a day when we can all take a moment and thank the people who have made this country as strong and as reslilient as it is.

Whether you’re home or at work, it’s still ok to take 60 seconds just to think of the immense sacrifices of our veterans and why they deserve respect not just on November 11, but every day.