Listen in comfort with the Geemarc Wireless Listening System

If you are tired of sitting next to someone who turns the TV way up, you’re going to want to take a look at the Geemarc wireless listening systems we have now at Solid Signal.  This is the perfect option to let one person in the room listen at a much higher volume than everyone else.

How it works

The Geemarc systems attach to your TV’s audio output and direct it to the Geemarc headphones. Those headphones are totally wireless and the listener can be anywhere within 80 meters. The headphone listener has his or her own volume control and can listen at whatever volume is desired.

Unlike a traditional wireless headphone system, no special Bluetooth connection or pairing is required, and the system is optimized to provide good volume as opposed to being designed for music listening. Because it is designed from the ground up to work with a television as opposed to a personal music player, the result is better for everyone.

Multiple options

The Geemarc system comes with either ear buds or a stethoscope-style listening device, so the listener can choose whichever looks better to them. The stethoscope-style headphone is easier to handle for people who have trouble grabbing small objects, while the ear buds will work better for people who choose to lay down while watching TV, or who have a tendency to doze off.

Don’t miss out

One unique feature of the Geemarc system is the ability to switch to “conversation mode” instantly, which lowers the volume of the TV while amplifying the conversation, allowing the listener to participate in the conversation around them while still keeping up with what’s going on. This feature means that the listener won’t have to take the headphones off in order to talk to other people in the room.

The best part of all of this is that the Geemarc system is that it’s all available at Solid Signal right now. Shop for the Geemarc Wireless System!

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