Prevent Damaged Charger Ports with This

This 3-in-1 magnetic charging cable prevents the biggest dangers to Androids and iPhones. And that problem is known as “wiggly ports.”

But what the heck are “wiggly ports?”

It’s the term we use to describe loose, damaged charger ports on your phone. It’s usually the result of people carelessly jamming USB chargers into their phones the wrong way. Tripping or jerking on the cord while it’s connected to your phone also damages the port. The same thing happens when people generally treat their cell phones in a rough, heavy-handed way. This damage causes the port to wiggle and jiggle around inside the phone, hence the term “wiggly port.”

Broken Phone Charging Ports: The Problem

Okay, so wiggly ports aren’t the BIGGEST problem facing us at the moment. It’s not like you’ll ever hear a TV newscaster say, “Your phone could have this problem right now. Find out more about wiggly ports tonight at 11.” In fact, it’s a problem that few people are talking about because everyone seems more focused on cracked screens.

Consider this: Americans crack more than 50 million phone screens in a year. That’s according to a SquareTrade report cited in a 2018 Miami Herald article. This cost consumers $3.4 billion per year. Since that report is two years old, the numbers have probably increased. Other online sources say that broken or damaged cell phone charging ports is one of the most common problems for devices. Let’s talk about it.

Broken Phone Charging Ports: The Solution

It’s this 3-in-1 magnetic charging cable that we mentioned above. Were you wondering when we would get back to that? Or did you forget already? Either way, we’re here now and we’d love to tell you about this helpful consumer electronics device. In short, it really can prevent “wiggly ports” to let you get more use out of your phone.

You’ll never hear us say that this product is “just a charging cord, dude.” It has far too many features and benefits to be dismissed in such a casual, off-handed manner. Want to know more about them? Okay. Here are eight features, benefits, and advantages that make this unique charging cord the BEST investment for your phone or device:

  1. This charging cord features a USB connection on one end, and a magnetic head on the other!
  2. Its magnetic head easily disconnects if someone trips over the cord or jerks it. This helps prevent port damage!
  3. The head has a built-in LED light to help you connect it to your phone even in the dark!
  4. The power port adapter is specially designed to block dust and lint, which reduces the chance of damage!
  5. This cord comes with three interchangeable connectors: USB micro, USB-C, & Lightning connectors. This lets you charge nearly any phone!
  6. The cable is compatible with Apple and Android phones!
  7. The 36” braided nylon cord is designed to prevent tangling!
  8. It also comes in a convenient two-pack for homes with more than one phone!

Save Your Cellphone Port with Solid Signal

Wiggly ports are the first sign of damage to your phone’s charging port. Wouldn’t you agree that your phone deserves a solid connection? By now, you know the way to solve this issue. It’s to get this 3-in-1 magnetic charging cable for your Android or Apple phone or device. The best way to do that is to shop Solid Signal. And if you have questions, you can call 888-233-7563 or fill out the form below.

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