Princess’s Perfect Pink Computer Case

What do you get a young lady who loves consumer electronics products for her eighth birthday? I think I’ve finally found the perfect thing, and it’s available from Solid Signal.

Next month, my niece turns eight. Normally, I’m at a total loss of what to get this girl for her birthday. This year, however, I might’ve found something she’ll really love. Long ago, she traded her Barbie dolls and other toys for computers, tablets, and cellphones. She’s still a girlie-girl who fancies herself a princess, though. These qualities aren’t something that I understand. Even so, I think I’ve found the perfect gift for my niece on her eighth birthday.

For a Princess in a High-Tech World

When it comes to birthday gifts for our niece, my wife and I can’t go wrong if we get her something pink. One thing I plan to suggest this year is the Mobile Edge mini laptop sleeve. I’m sure its pink color and hip, graffiti design make it ideal for our niece who fancies herself a “big girl” now. It should be a perfect fit for her 8.9-inch laptop, too. And at just $14.99 with same-day shipping, it won’t break the bank and will be here in plenty of time.

Another Birthday Winner!
My niece can’t get enough of the color pink. She also loves her mini-laptop. This slick, graffiti-coated computer case should be the perfect birthday gift for her this year. I certainly hope so, since my wife and I have a reputation to uphold. Each year, our niece always tells us we give the best gifts of all the aunts and uncles. I’d hate to see our seven-year streak go to waste. With this mini laptop sleeve by Mobile Edge, I’m sure our perfect record will remain unbroken.

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