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Judy Grabe’s experience shows why you should choose Signal Connect as your DIRECTV dealer!

One day at her home in St. Louis, Judy lost her cable/TV/internet service. There were no storms or anything else that would cause it. Concerned, she dialed her service provider’s call center, but no one could help her. As a last-ditch effort, she called Signal Connect. This was a long shot because he brought DIRECTV to her trailer but NOT the service to her home. As it turned out, Judy’s hunch was spot on!

“I Was on the Phone for 8 Hours!”

That was only part of Judy’s struggle. It wasn’t just the amount of time she spent on the phone with her provider. The biggest part of the problem was what happened during that eight-hour time span. Judy explained it best. She said, “Half the time I was on hold, the other half was spent talking to about seven different people. None of them could help me!”

That was Judy’s first taste of what we call “the call center experience.” Many people have this experience and it’s never pleasant. Fortunately, Signal Connect has the antidote to the waiting and run-around from call centers. It’s our personalized customer service. We could tell you all about it, but Judy has firsthand experience. That’s why it sounds better coming from her.

“About a week before all this happened, I got DIRECTV in my trailer from Signal Connect,” Judy recalled. “Even though they didn’t have anything to do with my home service, I was hoping he could help me when no one else could.”

Signal Connect to the Rescue!

We could tell that Judy was frustrated minutes after he answered her call. Our rep knew that he wanted to help her. As he explains it, “It didn’t matter to me that her problem was outside of the services we offer her. I know what it’s like to lose your service and have no one there to help you, so I knew I had to do something.”

“Signal Connect’s customer service is a big reason why I chose them as a DIRECTV dealer.”

Our reps navigate DIRECTV’s call center when he activates his clients’ accounts. He used those skills to help him navigate through her home provider’s call center. In the end, he was able to connect with the person who actually could help Judy with her problem. As our rep explained, “Judy needed help and I was glad I could make that connection for her.”

So, What Was the Problem?

Someone from the provider accidentally canceled Judy’s service. It happened when a company rep was helping another customer in Judy’s area. She added, “The person who they connected me with was able to identify that and fix it right away. Then, she walked me through each of my devices to make sure the service was working.”

Judy’s situation started out bad, but everything worked out in the end. Signal Connect played a big part in it all, and Judy is extremely thankful to have it. “Signal Connect’s customer service is a big reason why I chose them as a DIRECTV dealer,” she explained. “This experience really showed me just how dedicated they are to their clients!”


Signal Connect did so much for someone who needed help with another service. Imagine what they can do for the DIRECTV service in your RV! Fortunately, issues like Judy’s are very uncommon with this satellite provider. All the RV owners who get DIRECTV from Signal Connect are happy with it. They also love Signal Connect’s FREE tech support and account management. To get the best satellite TV for RVs, motorhomes, and campers, call 888-233-7563. You can also fill out the form below and send it to us.

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