Red Sox vs. Yankees in 4K tonight and Thursday

It’s easily the greatest rivalry in major league baseball, and it’s probably one of the greatest rivalries in US sports history. I’m talking about the Red Sox and Yankees of course. You may not follow either team much, preferring to stick with your local players, but it’s always an epic matchup when the two get together. It’s practically guaranteed to go 4 hours or more. And now, you can see it in 4K.

Here’s how to find it

DIRECTV will be broadcasting games today (May 8) and Thursday (May 10) on channel 106 at 7:05 eastern time. If you have a TV capable of HDR display, you’ll see an even better view. If your 4K TV doesn’t support HDR, you will see the game in “regular” 4K which is still pretty awesome.

You can set the game to record of course if you’re not able to stay up late into the night to watch it, but at least for west-coasters, I would advise watching live as these games are always nailbiters and generally some of the best baseball you’re likely to see in an average day.

How you can watch

At this point, you have to have DIRECTV 4K service installed. No one else is broadcasting these games in 4K. Are you tired of reading about all this great 4K programming and realizing you don’t have the right equipment? It’s too late for today, but you can get ready for the next round of great programming now and enjoy all the best in TV.

DIRECTV’s 4K programming is better than streaming because there’s always a smooth, high-bandwidth path from the satellite to your dish. It doesn’t depend on your internet connection. Internet speeds are always fluctuating. It depends on what your kids are doing, what your neighbors are doing, and even at some level what the whole connected world is doing. With satellite it doesn’t matter if there’s one viewer or 100 million, they all get the same quality.

The equipment you’ll need

Here are the basics you’ll need for a 4K experience:

You’ll need all these pieces in order to watch 4K with DIRECTV, and there’s one great place to get them: Our techs can help you with the upgrade path from your older DIRECTV equipment, send you everything you need to upgrade yourself, or arrange for professional installation if you would rather have someone else do it. (We don’t judge.)

Going through Solid Signal is the hands-down best way to ensure that you’ll get what you want. Our activation experts know how to make sure your equipment works the way you want it, and we’re the experts in troubleshooting the kind of things that are likely to happen during this sort of upgrade. We know all the ins and outs of upgrading DIRECTV systems and our 100% US-based call center is full of experts ready to help you.

If you’re ready for today’s game, awesome! If not, what are you waiting for? Don’t let another epic sports battle go past without seeing it in crystal clear 4K HDR. Call Solid Signal at 888-233-7563 now to get started.

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