Security cameras aren’t just for serious stuff

The low price and high performance of our EZVIZ Security Camera should be enough to entice you. After all, it’s usable through wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It pans and tilts at your command. It’s usable through a free app. It has two-way audio. It even gives you motion sensing so you can record an intruder coming in. It’s pretty darn full-featured for the price.

That ought to be enough to motivate you…

…but maybe you’re one of those people who thinks that home security is a waste of time and money. No matter how many times you hear about breakins and property loss, you think it isn’t going to happen to you. Don’t worry, I won’t scold you. As far as I know you live in a pretty safe neighborhood and you have a neighbor who stays at home a lot and keeps a keen eye out for any sort of problems in the vicinity. So, OK, that’s cool, maybe you don’t need security cameras. I believe you.

Then again, there are so many other things you can do with security cameras. First of all, they’re excellent babycams. A lot of the babycams you’ll see are overpriced and underfeatured because manufacturers think people with babies will buy anything at any price as long as it’s powder pink or baby blue. (They’re probably right, too.) So this security camera isn’t pink… big deal. It’s also better quality and cheaper than pretty much any babycam on the market.

Not just for humans anymore

This is also an excellent pet cam. More and more people are cluing into the idea that it’s fun to spy on Fido or Fluffy during the day. A few cleverly placed security cameras will cover all of your pet’s favorite spots, giving you the opportunity to watch him sleep all day while you’re at work. It’s fun and a great stress reliever.

Security cameras are also pretty good ways to spy on the people coming to your house. These ones aren’t weatherproof but they work really well when pointed out the window. I bet you’ve always suspected that your mailman walks across your lawn even though you told him not to. I bet you’ve always wondered if the meter reader is picking one of your roses when he walks by. These questions and so many others are easy to answer when you have a security camera. It’s a great way to get the evidence you need for any little act of malfeasance committed on your property. Just remember that the laws in your state may require you to tell people you’re recording them. Check out local ordinances before making any purchase of surveillance equipment.

Personally, I have several of these and a homemade DVR setup, not because I’m a paranoid maniac, but because I think it’s fun. I know that I could probably do it easier with some pre-made system but what’s the fun in that? This way I get everything I really want. Chances are, you shop at Solid Signal so you can get exactly the parts you want at exactly the price you want to pay. This is just one more example of how you can get everything you need when you shop at Solid Signal.

Why not pick up a security camera or two and see what I’m talking about?

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