AT&T now has 20 cities with 5G and a phone you want

5G is here. At least it’s here if you’re in one of the 20 cities with 5G service. AT&T announced that they lit up city #20, Las Vegas, along with these other cities they’ve rolled 5G service to:

Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Louisville, Nashville, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Raleigh, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Waco.

Not a bad selection of cities and it’s great to see that there are a few cities out there that are a little smaller too. There’s a mix of large and small there. It won’t matter fairly soon because most cities will have 5G, but it’s good to see that it’s being tested in a variety of scales.

And there’s a phone, too

Courtesy of The Verge

The Samsung S10 5G is actually a cell phone you’d really want. This is kind of surprising because in the past all the phones that took advantage of new technology were from lower-tier manufacturers and had big limitations. This is a flagship phone and it doesn’t leave anything on the table. No it’s not an iPhone — you won’t see that until next year. But if you’re one of the vast number of Android users you’ll be perfectly happy with this phone.

Now, 5G’s still not for everyone.

In order to get 5G in one of these 20 cities, you need to shell out a thousand bucks. You also need to be a business user, since only the Business Unlimited Preferred plan actually has 5G. But if you do qualify, you should get literally insane download speeds.

It’s also worth mentioning that even though 5G has come to 20 cities, no one is saying that it’s everywhere in each of those five cities. The coverage maps are improving, but in large cities you’re definitely more likely to be in LTE territory than 5G.

But you have to start somewhere

AT&T is still leading the race for 600MHz 5G. I say “600MHz 5G” because no one is really working yet on millimeter-wave 5G, which will bring massive capacity to the 5G race. With millimeter wave, it could be years before we see congestion problems. But, millimeter wave will bring power management problems, and possibly you’ll need towers about every 50-100 feet. This is the version of 5G that everyone wants, but it’s also the version that has the most controversy.

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