Showtime Free Preview on DIRECTV!

Put down what you’re doing and pick up the free DIRECTV app on your phone. It’s time for a Showtime Free Preview. You can watch all the content on DIRECTV channels 547-557, plus all the on demand content, all weekend!

“Billions” of reasons to watch

That’s right, Showtime is giving you the free preview so you can watch the season premiere of Billions. It’s a show you might not have heard about but here’s your opportunity to watch! You’ll also get to try Smilf, Shameless, and of course all the great movies available on Showtime and The Movie Channel.  It’s a huge value!

It’s a great time to have a big DVR

There are 11 channels of Showtime content and you’ll want to pick through all of them and record what you can. Recording off a live channel is better than recording on demand programs because on demand programs expire. You can literally keep your recordings as long as you keep your DVR. Set up recordings for movies and shows you see listed on one of the live channels, and use On Demand to catch up from the beginning and binge the programs you want to get into.

Try before you buy

If you like what you see, I’m sure the fine folks at Showtime would love it if you added the package to your DIRECTV Satellite account. It can be added separately, or you can upgrade to a package like Premier which has pretty much all the premium channels. That’s the best value for someone who really enjoys watching TV.

Don’t forget that if you upgrade to a premium channel on DIRECTV you will also get the ability to authenticate to the mobile and streaming box app. This gives you the ability to watch and download content on practically any device.

Just make sure you’re downloading the “Showtime Anytime” app and not the “Showtime” app which is designed to offer you Showtime a la carte without a cable or satellite subscription.

What you miss when you cut the cord

I know that cord-cutting is a big part of our vocabularies today. Still, I think DIRECTV Satellite is a great value for people who watch a lot of TV. With a satellite TV subscription you get one sign-in for every streaming app, and you get access to pretty much every “basic cable” app there is. If you watch premium channels, you’ll get the live channel and the streaming channel for the same price you would have paid for the live channel.

It just makes more sense, even if you don’t watch a lot of live TV, because just having a live TV subscription gives you access to so many streaming apps.

If you’re thinking of cutting the cord, take a few minutes before you do and call the experts at Solid Signal. The number is 888-233-7563. They can help you make the right decision, and if cord-cutting makes the most sense for you, they can help you choose a streaming device or an antenna to help you get the most out of your TV experience.

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