Get Portable Satellite TV with King Controls

Are you looking for a portable satellite dish for tailgating or camping? The domes from King Controls can be a perfect way to watch satellite TV on the go.

King Controls makes mobile satellite dishes for use with DIRECTV and DISH Network programming. These devices are created in the classic “dome” style, which consists of a satellite LNB covered in a circular-shaped plastic enclosure. What’s even more unique is what these satellite domes can do. King Controls products are a great way to enjoy satellite TV away from home. These devices practically begin working right out of the box! You simply set the dome up on a flat, even surface, connect your receiver to it, and let its automatic-aiming function find the signal for you. This makes King Controls satellite domes perfect for tailgating, camping, and more!

Satellite TV for Tailgating
Do you enjoy tailgating? Perhaps you and your family and friends love to pack up the truck and trailer to camp out in the parking lot of your hometown arena. You cookout, paint your face, and do other things to root on your favorite team. You also want to watch the game, which is where a satellite dome from King comes in handy. King Controls has sports fan like you in mind with its Tailgater, a DISH Network-supported dome. Sports fan who prefer DIRECTV can catch the games on King’s Traveling Dish Receiver kit. Just set it atop your trailer or other flat, level surface then enjoy the game.

Satellite TV for Camping
When it comes to camping, not everyone wants to “rough it.” Some people would love to enjoy their favorite news, sports, and entertainment while they’re out in the woods. Are you one of them? If so, then a King Controls satellite dish is what you need. Unless you’ve pitched a tent in the most remote corner of the America, chances are good that the dome’s auto-aiming function will locate the satellite signal. Whether you’re in a tent or an RV, wouldn’t it be nice to watch your favorite shows while relaxing beneath a canopy of stars in the nighttime sky?

Satellite TV for Emergency Situations
Did you know that the portable satellite domes from King Controls are great to have in emergencies? It’s true! If a storm or similar emergency strikes your area, it can knock out cable, tear down TV antennas, and even bury your main satellite dish under feet of snow. (Who wants to go up on the roof to clean it off?) In these situations, having a satellite dome that you can set up quickly is a huge benefit. You’ll receive up-to-date weather reports and other information right away.

Versatile Satellite Dishes
Versatility is the biggest strength of these King Controls satellite domes. You can set the units up nearly anywhere and receive your favorite TV programming. The dome finds the satellite signal so you don’t have to, and the units set up quickly and easily. Solid Signal carries a full line of King Controls satellite domes and kits. We can also activation your DIRECTV or DISH Network account, if you don’t already have one. If you want portable satellite TV that you can have in a flash, Solid Signal is your source. Call 888-233-7563 to talk to one of our satellite TV experts today.

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