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Does sitting at a desk all day aggravate the pain in your back or legs? You probably get up from your desk and take short walks around the office or your home to give yourself a stretch. While that helps you feel better, it stretches out your workday in the office or at home. What if we told you that there’s a way to alleviate the aches and pains that come from sitting without having to tear yourself away from your important work? There is a way, and Solid Signal has it. What is it? It’s a sit-stand desk, also known as a stand-up, sit-down desk, from Mount-It.

“What is a Mount-It Standing Tabletop Desk?”

Glad you asked! The Mount-It! sit-stand desk converter is a particleboard platform(s) mounted onto a metal rack system. These systems are typically used to house desktop computers and monitors. (The desktop hole enables monitors to be mounted and secured with grommets.) You can also put your laptop and nearly anything else that you have at your workstations on this desk. (Note: Maximum weight capacity is up to 33 pounds, depending on the model.)

Since these devices are called sit-stand desks, aka standing workstations, it’s obvious these units can be raised. This lets anyone work at their computers in a standing position as long as they want to. It does this through the use of a gas spring that’s in the center of the system. It allows the desk and everything on it to be raised up to 19.7” high in some models. Users simply squeeze two built-in handles to raise the platform to the desired height. Now that you know all this, your next most logical question might be…

… “Who Needs a Standing Desk Converter?”

Good question! And here’s your answer: anyone who wants to be comfortable throughout their workday. Take people with lower back pain, for example. Sitting for hours at a time can compress the back and exacerbates that pain. Anyone who suffers from this condition would likely appreciate the opportunity to stand at their desks, even if it’s just for a little while. This is often enough to offer some temporary relief.

These devices can also make workers more productive. Think of how many times per day you get up from your desk to walk around the office to stretch your back and legs. With a Mount-It standing tabletop desk, you can simply raise your workstation to a standing position and go right back to work. The simple act of standing at your desk for a while that can offer some relief to your back and legs. If you struggle with back and leg pain, or know someone who does, Mount-It sit-stand desks could be your solution! But that begs the question…

… “Which Mount-It Desk Riser is Best for Me?”

Solid Signal has your answer. The Mount-It system you need depends on your needs. For example, if you don’t need a large desk, you might enjoy the 32” by 22,” the Mount-It sit-stand adjustable desk converter. This is a very convenient unit; all you have to do is take it out of the box, place it on your desk, and put your computer and monitor (or laptop) onto it. From there, you can adjust its’ height to a maximum of 17 inches. This particular model comes in black and white options.

Do you need more space to accommodate dual monitors and/or extra computer gear? Then the Mount-It sit-stand desk converter for dual monitors could be for you. This particular model features a 35” wide display surface, which gives you plenty of room to place your desktop and monitor, laptop, notebook, and/or tablet. There’s also an extra desk panel to place even more equipment, such as a keyboard and mouse. The height adjusts from 4.2”-19.7” high, and the maximum weight capacity is 33 lbs.

Mount-It makes a similar model in white. Like its black counterpoint, this Mount-It sit-stand desk is perfect for desktop computers, multiple monitors, laptops, notebooks, and tablets. It also features a built-in keyboard tray and an ergonomic design that adjusts to most user’s height. It’s easy to set up, and it fits most desks in most offices or cubes, like all Mount-It stand up desk converter systems.

Get Mount-It Sit-Stand Desks from Solid Signal

We came across this brand of sit-stand desks during our constant search for the best electronic products and accessories. We were impressed by Mount-It’s quality, durability, and ingenuity of the company’s standing desks. Our product team recognized that these devices are the perfect solution for nearly anyone who suffers from low back pain or anyone who wants to stand and work at different times throughout the day. Are you a boss or supervisor who wants to increase productivity in the office? You should give these Mount-It desk risers some serious consideration.

Do you want to learn more about Mount-It’s variety of adjustable sit-stand desk converters? You can find these innovative devices in our “New Arrivals” section of our website. What’s that? It’s the section of our website where you’ll find the newest products we’ve recently added to our shelves. If you want to see the latest tech trends and hottest gear, check out this website feature. You can also find these units by doing a search on our site for “Mount-It standing desks.”

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