Stranger Things to Fans: “Wait Until Next Year”

Who cares about all these mysterious Stranger Things trailers when we have to wait until next year for season four?

Okay. I know what you’re going to say. It’s not the Duffer brothers’ fault we had to wait so long. All streaming series were put on hold because of something that affected the entire world. (You already know what I’m talking about.) Plus, some of the show’s stars are involved in other movie projects. While these factors are true, they don’t change the fact that I’m rapidly losing interest in this show. But enough of my crankiness; let’s get into the latest Stranger Things season four trailer:

The Duffers Are Ripping off Stephen King…

Oh, excuse me! They’re “paying homage” to the horror fiction great. Yeah, that’s it. So, the trailer takes us back in time to the 1950s, King’s beloved decade. In it, the Creel family moves to Hawkins and buys a house. Everything seems fine until the lights start flickering much like they did in Joyce Byers’ house during season one. Then there’s a dead rabbit on the front lawn. All of this leads up to Mr. Creel murdering his family much like the father of the twin girls in The Shining.

You with me so far? Good, because we’re about to dive deeper into King territory.

Flash forward to the 1980s and our favorite group of kids are investigating the “Creel House.” Additional research into season four has Mr. Creel still alive and in an insane asylum. The older Creel – played by Robert Englund of Freddy Krueger fame – advises the team on what went on in that home. Chances are, it has something to do with that creepy grandfather clock that we saw in the first season four teaser.

The idea of an evil from the 1950s resurfacing in the ’80s is reminiscent of King’s It. Remember the bully Henry Bowers? He was driven mad by what he saw as a kid, institutionalized, then breaks out in the present days (the ’80s) to attack the now-grown group of kids called “The Losers.” I’m seeing the parallels to Stranger Things season four.

So, The Duffers Are “Paying Homage” Again…

Which means this Netflix TV series is flagging. Yes, I said “flagging,” as in “becoming tired or less dramatic; declining in strength.” I’ve said it before, but I’m rapidly losing interest in this series. The Duffers just can’t seem to recapture the magic from season one. Here are just a few things that made those first eight episodes so amazing:

  1. It was an honest recapturing of the 1980s rather than a silly parody a la The Wedding Singer.
  2. It recreated the essence of nerdy kids who escaped his social isolation through the high fantasy of Dungeons and Dragons. (I’m speaking from experience here.)
  3. The show also accurately portrayed the complex social life of the average suburban high school kid of that era.
  4. And who can forget those clueless parents? My teenage years were spent outwitting my dimwitted mom and dad. (When I wasn’t playing Dungeons and Dragons.)

That’s Not All That’s Going on in Season Four…

There’s still Chief Hopper’s storyline. As we know from earlier trailers and teasers, he’s being held prisoner in a Siberian gulag. There’s also a Ghostbusters reference on the backpack the kids drop on the floor of the Creel house. Double-check the trailer if you must; it’s right in the beginning. More homage, but I’m pleased to see that Dustin brought along some extra batteries this time. And speaking of that trailer, who else noticed the most important thing…

The Stranger Things Kids Are a Lot Older!

That’s what happens when you take too much time to film between seasons. At the rate they’re going, season five will take place in the 1990s. Upside: At least we’ll get to relive the era of “grunge.”

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