Subway series tonight in 4K – only on DIRECTV

OK, it’s not technically a “series.” It’s one game in 4K. However, any New York fan knows that when the Yankees battle the Mets, it’s called a “subway series,” a term that goes back to the 1928 World Series. It’s become a lot more common in recent years due to increased interleague play.

Tonight, the two teams battle it out at Citi Field starting at 7:00pm Eastern. You can see it all in 4K on DIRECTV Channel 106. Interestingly, the guide data for that channel says that you “might” see the Giants at Nationals but I don’t believe that’s true. I don’t think there are two different feeds for the game, and I’m betting that came from a different airing.

Don’t miss out

This isn’t the only 4K programming on DIRECTV of course. There’s channel 104, the live 4K channel, channel 105 which is mostly pay-per-view movies in 4K, and channel 106 which is the special events channel. It’s used most often for sports.

You’ll see a lot of programming in the coming months in 4K, so if you don’t have a 4K setup, call your friends at Solid Signal now at 888-233-7563. You’ll need the 4K dish, HR54 or Genie 2 DVR, a 4K Genie client, and a compatible 4K TV. We can take care of everything you need including arranging for installation if you need it. It’s just that simple.

Take a look at the upcoming event schedule. It’s just filled with sports and special programming. Some of this is available in HD, but don’t you want the best quality?

Sports on Channel 106

6/8 – NY Yankess @ NY Mets

6/15 – Chicago Cubs @ St. Louis Cardinals

6/22 – LA Dodgers @ NY Mets

6/27 – LA Angels @ Boston Red Sox

6/29 – Boston Red Sox @ NY Yankees

Special Events on Channel 104

6/9 – Mumford & Sons Live in South Africa

6/16 – Peter Gabriel: Front To Back

6/23 – Muse

6/30 – Norah Jones

Remember too that you get the best possible sound quality with DIRECTV 4K, plus no buffering or streaming issues. Trying to get 4K from an online source can be pretty frustrating, especially if everyone else in your neighborhood is trying to do it too. With satellite-delivered 4K you’ll get the best possible quality and never worry about internet congestion.

It’s probably too late to see the action in Flushing NY tonight if you don’t already have 4K, but you don’t have to worry about missing out ever again. Just give a call now.

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