Nowhere but DIRECTV – FIFA World Cup in 4K HDR

I’ll get the pun out of the way now. DIRECTV set a “goooooooal” of making sure the World Cup would be available in 4K HDR, and they’ve scored!

You can see FIFA World Cup action like never before with at least 28 games airing in 4K HDR for the first time ever anywhere. You’ll find them only on DIRECTV channel 106.

Here’s the schedule

For some reason, DIRECTV chose to publish the list in Pacific Time, which is odd for them (usually they post Eastern Time.) Make sure you choose the right time for your location.

June 14
8:00 AM      Russia vs. Saudi Arabia

June 15
5:00 AM      Egypt vs. Uruguay
8:00 AM      Morocco vs. Iran
11:00 AM     Portugal vs. Spain

June 16
3:00 AM      France vs. Australia
6:00 AM      Argentina vs. Iceland
9:00 AM      Peru vs. Denmark
12:00 PM     Croatia vs. Nigeria

June 18
5:00 AM     Sweden vs. South Korea
8:00 AM     Belgium vs. Panama
11:00AM     Tunisia vs. England

June 19
5:00 AM     Colombia vs. Japan
8:00 AM     Poland vs. Senegal
11:00 AM    Russia vs. Egypt

June 20
5:00 AM      Portugal vs. Morocco
8:00 AM     Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia
11:00 AM     Iran vs. Spain

June 21
5:00 AM      Denmark vs. Australia
8:00 AM      France vs. Peru
11:00 AM     Argentina vs. Croatia

June 22
5:00 AM      Brazil vs. Costa Rica
8:00 AM      Nigeria vs. Iceland
11:00 AM     Serbia vs. Switzerland

June 23
5:00 AM      Belgium vs. Tunisia
8:00 AM      South Korea vs. Mexico
11:00 AM     Germany vs. Sweden

June 24
8:00 AM      Japan vs. Senegal
11:00 AM     Poland vs. Colombia

Don’t let another year slip by

Sure, you see these articles. You think, “I would like to get me some of that sweet, sweet 4K action.” And you let a few weeks go by, and it doesn’t happen. Take a stand! This can be the last sporting event you miss. Even if soccer isn’t your thing, you know for sure that AT&T is the unquestioned sports leader. You can get set up easily and quickly and enjoy all the 4K you can handle!

The best part of having DIRECTV 4K HDR programming is the quality. There is no better source of pure, unadulterated gorgeosity when it comes to live programming. You can’t get it with streaming and you can’t even get it with a physical disc. Only AT&T brings you 4K HDR live programming, and 4K HDR is the closest thing to being at the games.

It’s time to get on the bandwagon. Call now, 888-233-7563 and our talented team at Solid Signal will arrange for everything you need for your upgrade. If you’re a DIYer, they’ll send you the parts and activate the equipment when you’re ready. If you would rather have installation services… we can get a qualified tech right out to you!

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