Tailgating with DIRECTV? Here’s the meter you really need

We’re deep in football season now, brothers and sisters. If you’ve been setting up your dish every weekend, you’ve probably gotten pretty good at it. However, if you’re aiming that dish without a satellite meter, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and you’re probably thinking “there has to be a better way.”

There is. It’s called a satellite meter.

Of course you know that satellite meters are out there. Of course, you know they are expensive. Even our least-expensive DIRECTV-compatible meter clocks in over $200. But, I’m guessing that you’re beginning to realize that the time you spent aiming is worth money, and with a meter you could do it in a lot less time.

The only question of course is which meter to get.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Advanced Installation Meter.

This is the meter that professionals use. I will tell you right now it costs more than the competition. But then again, it’s that good. It’s full of features that other meters can’t achieve. Just a quick sampling of the kinds of systems you can aim with an AIM meter, that you can’t aim with anything else:

  • SWM-enabled Slimline 3 dish using all three satellites.
  • DSWM multiswitch systems
  • Reverse Band LNBs
  • International dishes

There is no other meter on the planet that will get you moving like this meter.

Built-in tech support

The meter includes step-by-step guides for aiming, and if something isn’t right, it actually suggests solutions. You can even test different parts of the system to see where the fault is (for example in a splitter.) With its included resistor it can even help you figure out if that old cable you’ve been using since 2004 has finally gone bad.

I hear you saying, “Yeah but that’s a lot of money.”

Yes, it is. And you’re going to use it every week throughout the fall and winter. It’s going to save you time, every single week. What’s that worth to you? This expensive meter is going to save you a lot of time. What’s that worth? This well-built meter will last you through years of tailgating.

If you are afraid it won’t pay for itself, here’s a suggestion. Go in with several of your friends who all tailgate in the same location. Split the cost of this meter up 6 ways and suddenly it looks like a real value. With the time you save aiming, you’ll find that everyone can get set up in plenty of time.

Folks, I’ve tried several different meters. They’re all good in their own way. If you end up going with something like our SATLOOKLITE you’ll find that it does save you some time, most of the time. But if you want something that’s going to work for years to come, that’s going to stay compatible with whatever DIRECTV gear you bring out, there’s really only one choice. It’s the only meter allowed for use by DIRECTV technicians, and for the money, it’s the best meter there is.

Shop for the AIM meter now at Solid Signal. 

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Stuart Sweet
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