What remotes work with Genies in RF mode?

The answer is simple most of the time. If you have a model HR44 or HR54 Genie, and if your clients are model C41, C41W, C51, or C61K, the only RF-capable remote is the Genie Remote. No other remote will let you send the signal through walls and doors. Luckily, the Genie Remote is inexpensive and incredibly easy to program.

If you have the older HR34 Genie and the C31 clients, your RF remote of choice is this DIRECTV model. It’s also attractively priced and while it will work with any model DIRECTV receiver in IR mode, it won’t work in RF mode with the newer Genie products.

How do you know what model you have?

DIRECTV products all tend to look pretty similar. There are two ways to tell which product you have:

The easiest way is to press the {DASH} button (to the left of the zero) when you’re watching TV. You’ll get a popup giving the model number. Just worry about the part before the hyphen, in other words if it says HR44-500, the only part you have to worry about is HR44.

The other thing you can do is look for a green sticker on the receiver itself. It is sometimes on the bottom and sometimes on the access card door.

Either way, choosing the right remote is easy and once you have the right one, why not pick up a spare? Older HR34 and C31 devices can’t use more than 1 RF remote at a time, but the newer ones can, so why not have 3 or 4?

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