Tech-Approved Deal: Power Outlet Extension Cords

Each week the Solid Signal blog brings you a deal that a member of our tech team approves. This week’s deal doesn’t need one of our tech’s approval, even though they would recommend this product hands down. That’s because the QVS AC power outlet saver 10” extension cord is something that just about every household and many offices need. This is why it’s already one of our top-selling products. When you learn more about this power outlet saver, you might want it, too!

So, what makes these power outlet saver extension cords so popular with our customers? That’s easy. These useful cords help save space at your power outlets and power strips. Look, the power units for many of today’s electronic products are big and clunky. Plug a couple of those bad boys into your six-outlet power strip and you might not have enough room for many more appliances. This can be a huge problem for anyone who needs to use every outlet on their power strip. (Think homes with multiple computer users and busy offices.)

This product makes it easy since it’s essentially a 10” extension cord. One end connects to those big, clunky power supply, while the other end plugs into the power strip. Since the cord features a standard-sized plug, this lets you use ever outlet on your power strip. Not only does this let you make the most of your outlets and power strips, it also eliminates the “spaghetti drill” that comes with using too many long cords.

The QVS AC power outlet saver 10” extension cord has these features and benefits:

  1. Gold-plated contacts for long-lasting cables
  2. Fully-molded ends and end-to-end shielding for durability and less likely to short out and catch fire
  3. Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
  4. Sold in packs of five cords

Other Uses for These Power Cords

The measure of any product is if it has additional uses beyond the main one that everyone uses these things for. While the use for these products is pretty straightforward, there is another way to use them. These cords are sold in a five pack, and each cord is 10” long. That means you have a total of 50” of extra cord length. If you have something you need to plug in that fall just short of the power outlet, you can use one or more of these cords to close the gap.

While most people might say, “Well, I can use my regular extension chord for that!” Well sure, you can do that. If you do, you’re looking at a gigantic mess of twisted and tangled cables and cords. (The “spaghetti drill” I referred to earlier.) If you’re missing your connection by just a few inches, why drag out that 50’ orange extension cord when one of these smaller black cords could do the job?

So, Why Haven’t Our Techs Heard About It?

Our customer service representatives DO know about this QVS product. It’s just that they don’t take a lot of calls for this extension cord. Why? Because our customers don’t need to contact our techs to ask questions about this product. Since the use of these cords is very straightforward, customers just order the product straight from the Solid Signal website. They tend to call our techs when they have a question about satellite TV or TV antenna installations. (Our customer service representatives offer expert advice on these and the many other calls our team receives.)

Do You Want These Outlet Saver Cords?

Just order them directly from the Solid Signal website. It couldn’t get any easier than that. In the event that you have questions about this product, you can always call our techs at 888-233-7563. Even though no one has called us about these handy AC power outlet saver extension cords from QVS, doesn’t mean that no one will. Get these power outlet adapter cords from Solid Signal today!

About the Author

Jake Buckler
Jake Buckler is a cord-cutter, consumer electronics geek, and Celtic folk music fan. Those qualities, and his writing experience, helped him land a copywriting gig at Signal Group, LLC. He also contributes to The Solid Signal Blog.