Tech-Approved Deal: Three Spy Cameras

Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a world where spy gadgets were completely unnecessary? Unfortunately, some people don’t honor the “honor system.” Business owners will always have to keep an eye on sketchy employees, and concerned parents have a duty to vet the people who care for their children. For these and similar reasons, hidden cameras have their place. We touched base with Amanda Walton, a Solid Signal tech who has the 411 on the many spy gadgets we carry. For business owners or homeowners who want to keep an eye on people and/or their properties, she recommends these three hidden cameras. That’s because each of them features a spy cam expertly placed inside things that many people use every day. Check it out!

Water Bottle Hidden Camera

“Who wouldn’t want a water bottle that doubles as a hidden camera?” That’s what Solid Signal tech Amanda Walton said when she referred to this water bottle hidden camera from MiniGadgets. Being one of Solid Signal’s product experts, Amanda recognized the valuable uses for this product. “It’s inconspicuous,” she added. “That makes it great for recording a babysitter or to make sure no one is in your home while you’re gone.”

As Amanda continued to discuss this spy camera, she recognized another use for it. It could be a good way for employers to check on their employees. For example, let’s say you own a tanning or nail salon and you suspect an employee of taking cash from the till. They could strategically place a water bottle hidden camera behind the counter then walk away. The truth of the situation should be caught on tape sooner or later.

  • Here are some of this water bottle hidden camera’s features:
  • It records at 1920 x 1080, 30FPS video resolution.
  • It features two recording modes: continuous and motion detection.
  • The spy cam comes with a 3.7V/5,000mah lithium Ion battery has a 30-hour life.
  • All videos are time and date stamped for security purposes.
  • This spy cam comes with: remote Control, USB cable, removable battery, AC adapter, user manual, SD card reader, 16GB microSD card, and microSD-to-SD card adapter.

If you need to be really sneaky to catch someone in the act, this water bottle hidden camera might very well do the trick.

Wall Clock Hidden Camera

Amanda mentioned some of the other spay cameras that Solid Signal carries. Take this wall clock camera and DVR from Productive Electronics for example. It’s a good spy cam for all the same reasons she likes the water bottle hidden camera. Because it’s a functioning wall clock, this hidden camera is inconspicuous.

Nearly every home or office has at least one clock hanging on the wall. She added, “It’s the last thing people would suspect because it has no lights, holes, lenses, or other signs that it’s a spy camera. You just hang it on the wall inside a room in your house or office.” Positioning is everything with this wall clock hidden camera, and no one will suspect it because its lens is cleverly hidden and the device is a working clock.

If you get this DVR/spy camera, it comes with:

  • Two SD cards (512MB, 1GB)
  • A USB SD card reader with extension cable
  • An RCA video connector cable for your TV/Monitor
  • An easy-to-use IR remote control
  • A detailed instruction manual (of course)

Hidden Camera/DVR in Air Ionizer

All spy cameras are the same in one aspect: they are placed inside devices that people don’t expect would be a camera. In most cases, the device is different. That’s the case with this SecureShot air ionizer DVR and spy camera from Productive Electronics. Amanda explained, “It’s a spy cam and a working air ionizer, which is something that most people can use.” These devices remove dust, smoke, and other contaminants from the air by electrically charging the air molecules and collecting those charged particles using fans and filters.

This hidden camera truly is a set-it-and-forget-it unit. It captures motion-activated real time video or high-resolution still shots onto an SD card that’s housed in a hidden compartment. All of this spy cam’s recordings are time/date stamped for professional security applications. The unit comes with two SD cards – a 512Mb and 1Gb SD card – to capture recordings. Like the other two spy cams, this one comes with some exciting features:

  • You get two SD cards: a 512MB and a 1GB
  • There’s also a USB SD card reader and extension cable
  • It also comes with an RCA video connect cable
  • There’s also an IR remove control for easy use
  • Don’t forget the easy-to-follow instruction manual

Get Spy Gear from Solid Signal

Solid Signal carries these three hidden cameras. We also have a large variety of other spy gadgets in our online inventory. If these types of products are your thing, you’ll likely be impressed by the variety of things we carry. Do you have any questions about how these devices operate? Give us a call at 888-233-7563 so our techs can help you get the electronic products you need.

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