Tech-Approved Deal: Winegard 2-Way Antenna Combiner

Did you know there are levels to cord-cutting? Most newbie cord-cutters start out with a TV antenna that receives channels and sub-channels in their local TV market. More experienced cord-cutters know there are ways to get even more channels by tapping into other nearby TV markets, or simply getting more out of their existing one. They do this by getting a second TV antenna and typically pointing it in the opposite direction of the existing one for more TV programming. To make this work in their homes, these cord-cutters often use this Winegard two-way dual TV antenna coupler combiner. One of our knowledgeable techs explains why this antenna combiner is so popular.

Step Up Your Cord-Cutting Game With…

… The Winegard 2-Way Antenna Combiner, which is one of the most popular products in our online inventory. Since August 1, 2018, we’ve sold hundreds of these units. Why are these antenna combiners so popular? For the answer, we turned to Jason Vanover, a tech in our customer service department. He says most people get this Winegard device need it for the two TV antennas atop their roof. Note: Solid Signal recommends using identical antennas for the best results.

Jason explained, “One of my customers had an amplified antenna and a non-amplified antenna, and each were pointed in a different direction. The power-passing side of this combiner works with the antenna that’s amplified (or uses a preamp), and the one that’s not.” Jason added that this antenna coupler can also be used with two non-amplified antennas. Jason added, “If you need to amplify both of the antennas due to long cable runs, you simply install the pre-amp after this Winegard Antenna coupler combiner.”

So, beyond the extra channels, what are some other benefits of this Winegard antenna coupler? Well, it eliminates the need for an antenna rotator. This lets everyone in your home to watch any channel they want because the signals are coming in from two different directions instead of only one. Think about it. When you use an antenna rotator to turn the aerial to the west, for example, all the channels you got from the east will be gone. This might be great for you, but your kids won’t like losing connection in the middle of their show!

This Winegard TV antenna coupler combiner comes with the hardware you need to mount it to a mast…

It’s More Than an Antenna Coupler Combiner

This device from Winegard gives any cord-cutter a chance to take their TV viewing to the next level. If you’re using a TV antenna pointed in one direction, you might not be getting ALL the channels in your market. For those who live between two markets, you’re missing programming from the next city or town over. And anyone who’s using a rotator doesn’t get all their programming at once. Fortunately, there is a way to get even more programming than you already do!

This Winegard antenna combiner, along with a second TV antenna, opens up new worlds of programming to you and your family. If you enjoy the money you’re saving from cutting the cord but wish you had even more channels to choose from, this could be your solution. We recommend you talk with one of our techs too see if this is right for you. They’ll ask you some questions to see if this is the best solution for you, then make an antenna recommendation as well as this antenna combiner from Winegard.

Do you want to know more about upgrading your cord-cutting game? Solid Signal is your No. 1 source! We’ve been dealing in TV antennas and all things related to cutting the cord since 2002. The benefit of expertise is only a phone call away. To talk to a tech in our US-based call center, just dial 888-233-7563. One of our techs will be happy to help you!

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