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Life on the water isn’t just about the water. Of course you go out there for the beauty, the privacy, the experience. Is that really all? Truth is that if you have a larger boat you go out there because it’s a luxury. Luxury is all about having what you want, when you want. It’s about not leaving anything on the table.

But then you don’t need me to tell you that. You’ve outfitted your yacht with the best of everything. You bring the best food with you. You’ve created as much comfort as you can. You even use the best steering wheel. And, when it comes to marine technology, you want the best as well. This means satellite television, TV antenna, cellular signal boosters, and the kind of marine electronics that make you feel safe in any weather.

Things like that also make you feel connected. Today more than ever, we don’t want to miss out. We carry our phones with us and check them obsessively. We don’t want to be behind on the latest TV programs or lose out on some juicy piece of news. Sure we want to be able to “get away,” but we also somehow want to take some stuff with us. I get it.

Part of that “not wanting to miss out” has led you to a blog like this one. You want to know more about your options, and you want the answers to questions as simple as “where can I get an anode” and as complex as “what is an anode anyway?” That’s where we can help.

We’ve put together the best articles on the subject of marine electronics in one place. You’ll find them here, and you can find them anytime by clicking or tapping on the word “marine” in the tag cloud at the lower left or bottom of every page. The list will keep updating anytime there’s a new marine article.

What are you waiting for… check those articles out!

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