The Infrared Thermometer Everyone Needs!

Checking temperatures are more important now than ever before. The Brentwood no-touch infrared thermometer helps keep everyone safe.

So, what is this infrared thermometer we’re talking about? It’s a device that literally lets you point it at a person’s forehead, click a button, and get an accurate temperature reading. These devices have been around for a minute and there are many names for them. In addition to “infrared thermometer,” some people call these “laser thermometers.” “IR thermometer,” temperature gun,” and “temp gun” can also be used. No matter what you call it, these handy devices are great to have at home at work. We believe this model by Brentwood to be a superior laser thermometer.

Using the Brentwood Infrared Thermometer

So, how do you operate this temp gun? Simply point the device toward a person’s temporal area or forehead the click the button. The high-precision infrared sensor provides an instant, accurate reading. Those results are displayed on a large, back-lit LCD screen. You don’t even have to touch anyone with it, hence the “no-contact” in its name.

Here are three more features and benefits of this temperature gun:

  1. Saves up to 32 previous readings to track your family’s health.
  2. Fahrenheit and Celsius functions for versatility.
  3. Power-saving automatic shutoff saves energy when not in use.

But who needs this infrared thermometer? Just about anybody, really.

Infrared Thermometers for Adults

Look, we all know what’s going on in the world today, so there’s no need for us to spell it out. (This is not that kind of a blog, anyway.) Suffice to say, health-conscious folks need to track their temperature at all times. The Brentwood infrared thermometer offers a quick, easy way to do that. There’s no need to squint your eyes to look at a traditional thermometer. This one gives you quickly, point-and-shoot results.

Parents, You Need This Temp Gun Too

Taking children’s temperatures is a normal part of parenting, especially if you have infants. They can’t always tell you they don’t feel good, but a fever is a sure sign that something isn’t right. Add to that the current events and you should quickly see why you need – not want, but need – this infrared thermometer. Since it’s no-touch, it’s safe to use on multiple children and even mom and dad without the risk of transmission.

Laser Thermometers are for Business Owners

So many businesses are checking employees as they enter the premises these days. This no-touch thermometer is the perfect tool to help that person do their job. As people file in each shift, your human resources staff can take their temps quickly, accurately, and easily. Like we said, it’s simply a matter of point-and-click. If an employee has a temperature above 99 degrees F (37.3C), send them to their doctor or a clinic.

Get the Brentwood Laser Thermometer

By now, you see how this is something everyone should have, including you! It really is a high-quality device that safely and accurately records your temperatures and the temperatures of your family or employees. Solid Signal highly recommends this device. We also carry it. If you have any questions about this no-touch, IR thermometer from Brentwood, call us at 888-233-7563. You can also fill out the form below and send it to us. Someone from our customer service team will get back with you.

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