The Ultimate Guide to Our Customer Service

When you learn about how many ways we offer customer service, you’ll agree that The Signal Group is the best!

Talking to a robot plays NO part in our definition of customer service. That’s because we still consider ourselves a family-owned and operated company. We offer direct customer service to everyone who needs it. As our customer, you deserve this. You all do, especially since you deal with robots and call centers in every other area of your life. At least when you need our help, you’ll connect with a human in our US-based call center. This guide shows you all the ways we do this. Take note because you might need our help and we’re happy to provide it!

Questions About the Products We Carry?

Just give our US-based customer service department a call. They’ll answer your questions and offer product recommendations if you need them. For example, our team can help you with TV antenna recommendations. They also offer order updates and satellite TV upgrades. Our team is available during our normal business hours, Eastern Daylight Time. You can reach them at 877-312-4547.

Live Chat Support from Solid Signal

Not everyone feels comfortable making phone calls. We get that. For those struggling with phone anxiety, there’s our live chat support. This option lets our customer service team help you with everything they help you with on a live call. This includes antenna recommendations, order updates, and satellite TV upgrades. They can even help you place an order. Using our live chat is easy. On every page on our website, you’ll find the words “live chat.” They’re located in a bar at the top of the page. Click the link to be taken to our chat system. A chat operator will become available in seconds.

Support from Solid Signal Facebook Page

Yes, we have a help page on Facebook. And it’s very easy to use, too. Just join the group and post your question on it. All questions are answered by our resident expert, Stuart Sweet. Don’t be surprised if other group members – many of them tech experts – chime in. This is a good thing because you’ll get the answers you need. Whether you’re a DIYer or someone with one question, leave it on our Support from Solid Signal Facebook page. It’s one more way we provide great customer service to you, our valued customers.

TV Antenna Recommendations

A lot goes into choosing the right TV antenna. You need to calculate your distance from the broadcast towers and other factors. Thanks to Solid Signal, you don’t have to do this work. We’ll provide an expert antenna recommendation to you. Just fill out our online TV antenna help request form online, then send it to us. You can also call our customer service department at 888-233-7563. Either way, you’ll get the best TV antenna recommendation from our team of experts.

Customer Service on The Solid Signal Blog

It’s there you see it every time you read a post! At the end of most blog posts, you’ll see a form. We encourage you to fill it out and send it to us. These form-fills go straight to our customer service team. A member of that team will follow up with a phone call or email, depending on what you choose. This is an excellent opportunity for people reading our blog after hours. They’ll get the help they need at a time that’s convenient to them. So, the next time you have a question, you have direct access to the expert help you need.

Free DIRECTV Tech Support

DIRECTV connection issues are rare, but they do happen. When our customers experience this, they have an easy solution. They call their Signal Connect rep. Our people can diagnose your problem over the phone and walk you through the fix. They’ll also stay on the line until your DIRECTV service comes back. Best of all, this service is FREE for the life of your DIRECTV account through us. We’ve done this for thousands of DIRECTV installations. This includes homes, businesses, boats, RVs, and more. This free service is one of the many benefits our Signal Connect division offers its clients.

Free DIRECTV Account Management

This is another thing the reps at Signal Connect offer their DIRECTV customers. We do this for them for free. For example, one of our customers might need some changes made to their DIRECTV billing. Maybe they’ve moved and need those statements sent to their new address. They could call DIRECTV’s busy call center, but that could literally take all day. It’s far easier for customers to call their Signal Connect rep and let that rep take care of it. We’re happy to do this because we can navigate the phones at DIRECTV much quicker than the average person. More importantly, this service makes our customers’ lives easier!

How To Reach Our Customer Service Team

If you’ve made it this far, you probably already know how to do this. But, since this is the ultimate guide, we’re going all out for you. The most direct way to talk to us is by calling 877-312-4547. You can also email our customer service team at There are also a variety of forms to fill out on our blog posts and landing pages. (That includes this post!) And the link to our live chat is found at the top of nearly every page on the Solid Signal website. And if you need DIRECTV technical support, you can call your Signal Connect rep. Don’t have one yet? Just call 888-233-7563.

The Ultimate in Customer Service

That’s what we believe we offer you. There’s just one small catch. You have to take advantage of it to benefit from our expertise. So, if you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask us. We literally give you a variety of ways to do that. Probably more than most online consumer electronics retailers and DIRECTV dealers. Whatever way you want to get the information you need, we deliver!

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