Top 7 Underrated Android Smartphones for Travel Photography For 2020

One of the most popular applications that people love to do with their phones is smartphone photography. It is the taking of any pictures using your phone. Once you have your smartphone with you, the world is now yours to own. You can take as many pictures as you want or snap as many selfies as your phone memory can save.

What about using underrated smartphones in terms of brand, features, and popularity? Can they still be utilized to capture those precious moments of your life? Are they still capable of getting scenes important to your business, leisure, or vacation?

The Android operating system is used by many smartphone companies. Except for iPhone’s iOS which is only used exclusively by iPhone as its operating system, Android technology has the capacity to evolve at a fast pace. Below is a list of underrated Android smartphones that can still be used for travel photography this year.

Snopow M10

Snopow M10 is a rugged Android phone that is packed with outstanding specs and features. Though underrated and its popularity is nowhere near iPhones, Samsung’s, or the Huawei’s, this water-resistant phone is capable of giving you the best snapshot that you can ever think of. It boasts of 6GB RAM and 64 GB space to store important pictures for your business.

As a rugged phone for your travel and real estate photography, this is a perfect companion for any outdoor activities. Its body is made from polycarbonate element that will protect the phone from any outside element that will affect the phone’s functionality.

We can call Snopow M10 underrated but it has the capability of giving you a crystal clear and sharp photo for your travel and real estate business. It has a 1920 x 108 pixel resolution, compacted in a 440.58 pixel per inch density. It also boasts 8MP selfie camera supplemented with its iris scanner that will let you unlock the unit. The rear camera, on the other hand, features 16MP at 4619 x 3463 pixels in dimension.

Responsible for processing the data is its MediaTek MT56757 Helio P20 chip octa-core processor running at 64-bit CPU. Clocking at a speed of 2.4GHz, this smartphone is also perfect for gamers with its 6GB RAM. M10 runs on Android Nougat OS.

 Nokia 7.1

Located somewhere between popular and the unappreciated when compared to high-end phones like Apple and Samsung, the Nokia 7.1 has a beautiful design, built with a well-balanced glass back that gives the phone a stylish appearance.

Its camera is perfect for your photography business because it is flanked with 12MP + 5MP dual cam. It has an 8MP front sensor designed for selfies. The camera creates magnificent colors both daytime and night time. What makes thei phone interesting is that it showcases a camera that needs no filters at all – perfect for millennials.

Wherever you are, you don’t need to worry of things like total light exposure since Nokia 7.1 permits the perfect adjustment of the strength and depth that you want for your image. It allows you to edit and refocus the image accurately while clicking the picture itself.


When it comes to the number of things to appreciate in AGM X1, one word describes it – plenty. This smartphone, being run by the out dated version of Android 5.1.1, is a good value for your money. It has great display, not to mention its global ruggedness look.

Built with the Qualcomm chip that consists of four Cortex-A53 cores, the AGM X1 performs at 1.5GHz and saves power at 1.2GHz. It has 4GB RAM with 64GB built-in storage. Its storage capacity is further enhanced with 128GB boosted by a micro-SD card.

Make no mistake about this relatively unknown smartphone but its camera optics is one perfect solution for your ever-growing problems with image quality. AGM X1 has a dual 13MP sensor with an F/2.2 aperture for its rear camera and an amazing 5MP frontal snapper. Complementing X1’s remarkable camera features is its silver metal rim that goes around the handset.

Nokia Lumia 1520

The 6 inches Nokia Lumia 1520 is slim and light in weight and poses no problem when you are engaged in real estate photography. This is perhaps one of the fastest Windows phones ever built with outstanding features like the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. This is a first for Windows.

It also has a wide 1080p HD display which is good for making angles for any real estate photos. Its 20MP, high resolution camera displays fantastic images that will be important in raising the value of your products. Anybody can store as many image as possible with its plenty of storage space. This supersize smartphone is perfect for any photographer because it has no software provision that will hamper the business. Furthermore, it provides you sharper images with 1520’s 367ppi pixel density.

LG V40

LG V40 offers you a number of real estate photography options because this smartphone contains 5 cameras. Other amazing features include an expandable memory and a wide 6.4 inches screen. This phone is a rarity when it comes to giving you the best image just plainly taken from a smartphone. With a secured standard lens for image balance that are located at the rear camera, LG V40 can even deliver iPhonesque pictures of depth and sharpness.

The other two front-facing cameras of LG V40 make this smartphone a truly admirable handy gadget for everyone. Skin tones become realistic because of lesser blurring of the image. V40 has been remarkable because it can match what every high-phone can offer.


Vibrant, sharp and focused pictures are what HTCU12 can offer.  With its flashy design as one of the forefronts of underrated smartphone, HTCU12 is packed with dual rear camera containing 16MP and 5MP sensors with 64GB storage capacity. Color performance is pretty decent as well as the resolution.

Real estate photographers can expect much to what this unit can offer. Although belittled for some reasons, it has a glamorous glass back, a fingerprint scanner plus a headphone jack. It uses the Snapdragon 636 but the downside of this phone is that it contains slower apps compared to its contemporaries.

Sony Xperia XZ3

Sony Experia XZ3 can compete to most high-end phones in terms of performance. Using the Snapdragon 845 64-bit, Adreno 630 processor, this smartphone has a capacity to store files up to 64GB with a 4GB RAM.

For travel and real estate photographers, you can make no mistake in using Xperia XZ3 because it has 19MP Exmor RS, Hybrid AF rear camera with 960 fps FHD slow-mo, and 4K high definition resolution video. The front camera consists of 13MP with an aperture f/1.9 wide angle.

Its outstanding camera features does not mean it has no flaws. For better results, photos must be taken in a manual mode and takes more time for tweaking the settings. Sony’s Side Sense will make you grasp for proper timing because you need to be precise with your swipes. Sony products often lack customization.

As to how worthy Side Sense is, this app is useful most especially to automate things that are beyond reach. But in general, Sony Xperia XZ3 is a good buy for a simple photography business.